Special Events Caminhos – Rio de Janeiro



Caminhos’ famous caipirinha street party where students come together with local Brazilians! All students receive one free caipirinha and more can be purchased cheaply. It’s a great way to socialise and practise your Portuguese. Read more.


O Divino Samba

A Sunday samba event held in an exclusive boutique hotel, Casa Mosquito, in Cantagalo. ‘O Divino Samba’ is a mix of traditional Brazilian samba music fused with classic tunes. Students are advised to dress smartly, as this is a very chic Caminhos event. The view over Rio de Janeiro is amazing and students are encouraged to bring their camera to take lots of photos!


Pedra do Sal

An event which is usually held on Monday and Friday nights, students get together to head to the birthplace of samba for a live samba street party. This is a great Rio de Janeiro attraction.


Drinks at Canastra Bar

Our favourite local bar around the corner from the school is a must-do for students of Caminhos! We love heading there on Tuesday nights when they have their famous ‘Oyster Night’. Practically guaranteed to see a few celebrities – Seu Jorge is a regular and Queen Latifa was recently spotted there!


Festa Live – Pura Vida

A big live music party at Pura Vida Hostel in Copacabana – music from the likes of Nirvana, Silverchair and Green Day, as well as Brazilian rock and grunge bands.


Caminhos Festa Junina

Join the Caminhos family to celebrate Festa Junina in style with fun and games held annually at the school. Men dress up as farm boys with large straw hats and women wear pigtails, freckles, painted gap teeth and red-checkered dresses. Food, drinks, dancing and – of course – Portuguese lessons on all aspects of the Festa Junina celebrations.


Football Match at Maracanã

Join in the excitement and experience real Brazilian football fever when there’s a big match on at the Maracanã stadium: a not-to-miss Rio de Janeiro attraction. All students are encouraged to join in and attend with the Caminhos team. Even if you’re not into football this has got to be one Rio de Janeiro attraction to tick off the bucket list – it’s the most famous football stadium in the world for good reason! Most of the teachers support Flamengo but there are a few Vasco supporters too. If you have the courage try to show up with a Fluminense T-shirt! And then there’s Botafogo…
Check the Caminhos Activity Calendar for upcoming special events.