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  1. (Português) Como está o Davi?

    Sorry, this entry is only available in Brazilian Portuguese.

  2. The incredible results of Davi and his family

    Catching up with Davi we learned that 2015 was a great year for him and his sibilings. Everyone is doing great at school and the atmosphere at home is really good. Davi is working at Caminhos Language Centre and is enjoying his job.

  3. Davi, a source of inspiration for pre-adolescents at the Holanda public school in Rio

    Escola Municipal Holanda had a day of celebration planned having Holland as the main theme.

  4. Davi has custody over siblings

    After a hard process and long waits, Davi has now full custody of his three younger siblings. He is working a full time job at Caminhos Language Centre and is now able to provide for his family.

  5. Davi has a new Job and is accepted for university

  6. After living in the Netherlands for one year, Davi is back in Brazil!

    Two years ago, Bart and Jascha decided to offer Davi the opportunity to participate in a fully paid annual exchange program in the Netherlands .

  7. Partir, Sair and Ir Embora in Portuguese

    Verbs partir, sair and ir embora may have the same meaning in Portuguese. However, there are cases where they mean different things completely. Let's check the context.

  8. Best books to learn Portuguese

    Here you will find a small list of Portuguese books you can use to learn Portuguese. Come to take a look and start improving your language skills right now.

  9. 12 Portuguese words hard to pronounce

    Here are some hard Portuguese words to pronounce. Take some time to get to know them because that can save you from a few embarrassing situations.

  10. Difference between verbs Achar and Pensar in Portuguese | Lesson 15

    In this lesson, we are learning the difference between verbs 'achar' and 'pensar' in Portuguese. Both verbs can be translated as 'to think' in English, but in Portuguese, they have a different meaning.


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