Portuguese Group Courses in Brazil

brazilian portuguese group classes

Caminhos Intensive Group Courses

The Caminhos Intensive group course is the most popular Portuguese language course at Caminhos Language Centre.

After you have completed your test, you will be placed in a group at Beginner (A1), High Beginner (A1+), Elementary (A2), High Elementary (A2+) Pre-Intermediate (B1), Intermediate (B1+), High Intermediate (B2), Advances (C), or High Advanced (C+) level. You can join any level every Monday.

Our teachers apply the communicative approach.

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Caminhos Portuguese Combo 25

The Portuguese Combo 25 course combines 20 hours of Portuguese Group Classes with 5 individual Private Classes. This Combo allows you to have 4 hours of Group Classes in the morning and 1 hour of Private Class in the afternoon.

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Caminhos Latin Speakers

At Caminhos Language Centre we recognise the challenges and impracticalities of placing Spanish and/or Italian speakers in the same beginner-level Portuguese language course as students who do not speak these languages. To tackle this, we created the Caminhos Latin group course. Instead of four weeks of the Portuguese Beginner and High Beginner (A1 and A1+) courses, it only takes 2 weeks for Spanish and Italian speakers to cover the basic grammar structure of Brazilian Portuguese in our Caminhos Latin group course. After completing the Caminhos Latin course your teacher will evaluate whether you are best suited to continue to Elementary (A2) or Pre-Intermediate (B1).

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Caminhos Talk Conversation Classes

Caminhos Talk is a Portuguese language course entirely focussed on improving your conversational skills. Our Portuguese teacher will use a range of topics, music, and games to help stimulate the conversation, better enabling students to talk and think in Portuguese. Caminhos Talk is offered at the following levels: T1 and T2.

Caminhos Talk can be taken in combination with the Caminhos Intensive group course, with Caminhos private classes, or on its own.

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