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Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is a beautiful seaside city famed for its beaches like Ipanema and Copacabana. It has breathtaking scenery and a laidback beach culture. Rio is also infamous for its carnival which takes over the entire city for a week of music, dancing and festivities!

Rio is also the second largest city in Brazil so it offers culture, art and lots of sightseeing attractions. One of the most iconic of which is the Christ Redeemer, overlooking the entire city. Rio is divided into four main districts: south, north, west and central. Each district offers its own ambiance and attractions. Rio’s dynamic offerings make it one of the most unique cities in the world. At any given moment, you can count on finding a vibrant crowd, pristine views and live music! Don’t miss a cold coconut on Ipanema beach, an açai at a barraca, lessons at a samba school in Copacabana, or the rewarding views after hiking up to Dois Irmãos peak.

However, Rio is also a city known for its sprawling favelas, a true testament to the social inequalities that plague the lives of its inhabitants. Be sure to explore all that Rio has to offer and also educate yourself on the favelas and their origins.

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