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Programs (Years)

Mais Caminhos Programs

At Mais Caminhos we have two ongoing programs aiding our local community partners. Our program are developed on an annual basis and focus on improving the educational level of children from the favelas while also supporting their families so that they can focus on providing a safe environment for the children’s’ development.

Complementary Education Program for children from the favela

Through our Complementary Education Program we hold classes for children from the favelas Pavão-Pavãozinho and Cantagalo in the premises of our main sponsor, Caminhos Language Centre in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro.

Four days a week children aged 8 to 12 take over the classrooms and participate in three hour classes. The program includes English, Social-emotional learning (Positive Discipline) and Creativity (for instance theater, sports, games or any other physical activity). Since we want to develop our children’s academic and life skills to the fullest we focus on teaching the same group of children for a lengthy period of time. Mais Caminhos believes that the right balance of academic and emotional development with creative and physical inputs is a great way to prepare our children for their future that we try to make a little brighter. Our international volunteers give their best to teach children from the favela in Rio de Janeiro and help pave the path to a better life.

Family Program

Mais Caminhos has decided to act as a “foster parent” to chosen families and include them in our family program in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. Specifically, we support a family, help them to pay their bills, find jobs and obtain a good education. In return, we value gratitude and the motivation to be able to make it independently in the future. We believe education is the key to this and therefore we expect the family’s children to pursue a decent education. That means that we tie our offer to the condition that the children of the family study hard and take the opportunities that we can provide for them.

In order to offer all-embracing support we can only help one family at a time. We decided to do so because we really want to help all members of one family, hoping that we pave the way for a better future of the children. We currently support the family of Davi, our ambassador, who is enrolled at university, working and taking care of his siblings. This is a huge responsibility for a young man, which is the reason we have chosen to support him, financially and emotionally.

English Program

During 2019 Mais Caminhos started a new Intensive English course oriented for kids and teens age 12 to 16. This intensive course offers 4 weekly hours of English lessons + 2 hours of private tutoring for a group of kids who want to learn English. The help of private sponsors to make this course possible have been essential. We thank our main partner in this program, Bayswater College.