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  1. (Português) Como está o Davi?

    Sorry, this entry is only available in Brazilian Portuguese.

  2. Davi, a source of inspiration for pre-adolescents at the Holanda public school in Rio

    Escola Municipal Holanda had a day of celebration planned having Holland as the main theme.

  3. Present tense of regular verbs in Portuguese – Presente do Indicativo | Lesson 12

    Learn about the present tense of regular verbs in Portuguese with this online lesson from Caminhos Language Centre.

  4. Vocabulary in Portuguese – Clothes and accessories | Lesson 11

    In this lesson, we are learning the vocabulary for clothes in Portuguese.

  5. Portuguese Vocabulary – Restaurant | Lesson 4

    In this lesson, you will learn a some Portuguese vocabulary. This time, we'll teach you vocabulary used in restaurants.

  6. Every day a new adventure in Rio!

    Demi is feeling like a true carioca now. She's been paddle surfing, she's eating a lot of rice and beans and, most of all, she's having a lot of fun while in Rio during her internship with Caminhos Language Centre.

  7. The Benefits of Learning a Second Language

    Studies show that people who speak two or more languages have better brain activity. For example, bilingual people have better memory and tend to have higher IQs than someone who only speak one language.

  8. Mais Caminhos News 5

    2015 was a great year for Mais Caminhos.

  9. “Festa Junina” at Caminhos Language Centre: fun and cultural learning

    During the months of June/July, it's a tradition in Brazil to have parties to celebrate the country life, known as Festa Junina. These celebrations mix many good brazilian things such as food, music, dance, costumes and games.

  10. Caminhos News 4: Brave Kids 2015 travelling to Poland soon

    With this blog post, you will be updated about Mais Caminhos' activities and what's going on with our program lately.


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