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Proyectos (semanas / meses)

Mais Caminhos Projects

At Mais Caminhos we have several ongoing projects at the local communities. Our projects are developed for a short period of time, ranging from one month and lasting up to one year.

All the projects are focused on improving the educational level and possibilities of the people from our local community partners.

Our Projects

  • Exchange
  • Scholarships
  • Portuguese for Refugees
  • Tutoring

Kids From Favela fly to Europe to participate in international cultural exchange event

Life in underprivileged areas rarely offers a lot of opportunities to travel and experience new cultures. Mais Caminhos believes that international experiences can trigger a transformation for our students’ paths in life. For this reason, we have made it our mission to support our students on their way to cultural enrichment. This is an essential part of education of children in Brazil.

We believe it is important to open their minds to new aspects of life and to also develop the children’s cultural sensitivity so that they embrace diversity. For this reason, we are eager to provide our students with the opportunity of participating in exchange programmes that we organize with the help of international partners. These short- or long-term trips not only give them a glimpse into other cultures’ and ways of life but also allow them to enter a completely new world of thinking. Furthermore the exposure to other languages and traditions strengthens their mutual respect for others. We are convinced that profound knowledge, plus the benefits of international exposure, are the foundation for a promising future on a professional and personal level for our children and young people.

1. Short- Term Trips

BraveKids was launched as part of the Brave Festival in 2009 and has since grown to become an independent initiative. Its mission is to support socially disadvantaged young people from around the world through artistic experiences, which are destined to inspire their imagination and let them escape their daily routine while providing them with the right tools to fulfill their aspirations. Poor children from the favela in Rio de Janeiro have been selected as participants.

Mais Caminhos is very grateful to be a partner of Brave Kids since 2014 and proud to continuously participate in this great initiative. In the past years, the exchanges have been a success; our children connected with the world, learned many life skills and had a lot of fun! For many of our children these kinds of exchange programmes are their first journey ever and we know they return with an unforgettable experience that they will treasure for the rest of their lives.

2. Long-Term Trips

At Mais Caminhos we also organize long-term exchanges for kids who have proven to be hard working, committed, responsible and willing to develop themselves. Organizing a long-term exchange is very challenging, especially for our kids who have typically never been able to travel out of Brazil. So far we have organized two successful exchanges and look forward to organize more. Read more in our achievements.

Mais Caminhos Scholarships

Our Mais Caminhos Scholarship programme offers motivated teens the chance to participate in professional vocational courses tailored to further fostering students’ knowledge, or even the opportunity to attend a private school. Students selected for this programme have stood out through their exceptional motivation and amazing results. The extent to which we grant this scholarship depends on our means and on the student’s performance. Education in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro is limited. It is our goal to change these limitations and barriers.

Portuguese for Refugees

The complex political situation in several  countries have taken us to action to help the refugees arriving in Rio de Janeiro. With great help from the Caminhos Language Center we offer free portuguese lessons to refugees wanting to improve their portugues skills and quality of life in Brazil.

Tutoring for Kids

Our tutoring programme offers one-to-one tutoring sessions for kids from age 8. We have volunteers helping the kids with specific school subjects, homework and accompanying their school development. The tutoring project happens at the Language centre from Monday to Thursday during evenings.

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