If you have a basic knowledge of Portuguese and need to learn a few travel vocabulary before embarking on a flight to Brazil, here is a list that might be helpful. Learn the basic travel vocabulary in Portuguese so you do not get confused at the airports in Brazil. Whether you are arriving at your destination or making a connection before continuing your trip, get off to a good start!

vocabulário de viagem em português

Before the Flight – Travel Vocabulary in Portuguese

Número da reserva

It is the number used to identify a passenger’s booking. It is usually located in your booking email or e-ticket.


The ticket you need before embarking on a plane.

Seguro de viagem

This kind of insurance protects you from unexpected costs and losses that may occur while traveling. It covers costs like medical expenses, flight cancellations, lost luggage, and more.

travel vocabulary in portuguese

At the Airport – Travel Vocabulary in Portuguese


The place you must go to in order to take the plane for your trip.


The vehicle with wings that will fly and get you to your destination.

Bagagem de mão

Small luggage you can take with you on board the plane.

Bagagem or Mala

Suitcases or other bags that are used to pack personal belongings for traveling.

Cartão de embarque

It is the ticket that is given to a passenger upon check-in at the airport.


The process of confirming your presence at the flight to the airline company. We do not have a Portuguese word for Check-in. It is used the same as in English. The difference is that we hyphenate it.

Companhia aérea

The company that owns the airplane and is responsible for your flight.

Conexão or Escala

When you need to reach your final destination by taking two or more flights.


It is the part of the airport responsible for dealing with passengers that are arriving.

Despachar mala

When you hand your suitcases over to the airline so they store them in the cargo hold of the plane.


It is the part of the airport responsible for dealing with passengers that are taking a flight somewhere.


An official document containing personal information needed for international travels.


It is the area where passengers board the aircraft. Each airport has a number of different «doors» for each flight. You should pay attention to the correct area when before embarking on your flight.


The flight.

Voo doméstico

Flights within a specific country’s boundaries.

Voo internacional

The flight that goes from one country to a different one.

vocabulario de viaje en portugués

At the plane – Travel Vocabulary in Portuguese

Aeromoça or Comissário de bordo

The airline staff who will assist you during your flight. In Brazil, the word ‘Aeromoça’ is very popular, but only used for women. On the other hand, you can use ‘Comissário/Comissária de bordo’ for both men and women. ‘Comissário/Comissária de voo’ is also correct.


The chair passengers travel on during the flight.

Classe econômica

Unlike the business class or first class, this is the cheapest and least comfortable type of seat on an aircraft.

Classe executiva

A type of premium seat in a flight, although not as luxurious as first class.


The aisle seat.


The window seat.

Primeira classe

The most exclusive category of seating on a plane. These seats have more space, comfort, premium service, and privacy.

Travel Vocabulary: Airport Vocabulary in Portuguese

AirlineCompanhia aérea
AirlineCompanhia aérea
Aisle seatCorredor
Boarding passCartão de embarque
Business classClasse Executiva
Carry on luggageBagagem de mão
Check in LuggageDespachar mala
Check inCheck-in
Domestic flightVoo doméstico
Economy classClasse econômica
First classPrimeira classe
Flight attendantComissário de bordo or Aeromoça
International flightVoo internacional
Reservation numberNúmero da reserva
Travel insuranceSeguro viagem
Window seatJanela

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