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Portugués Individual

portuguese private classes in rio

Descripción del Curso

Las clases de portugués individuales son una muy eficaz y eficiente forma de estudiar portugués.

Estas clases individuales implican solo a usted y al profesor, y están diseñadas para satisfacer sus necesidades individuales. Puede decidir cuándo, dónde y qué temas le gustaría aprender. Por ejemplo, puedes enfocarte en conversación o gramática; lo que sea que se ajuste a tus necesidades También puede cubrir temas específicos o vocabulario que desee aprender para su trabajo, educación, etc. Además, puede pedirle a su profesor que se concentre en el portugués formal, de negocios o popular, como prefiera.

Las clases particulares de portugués privado le permiten aprender a su propio ritmo y centrarse en sus necesidades, fortalezas y debilidades individuales.


Niveles de Cursos en Caminhos

niveles curso portugues

Aspectos destacados de Clases Individuales

  • Las clases privadas de portugués se adaptan a sus necesidades individuales
  • Puede elegir la fecha, la hora, la ubicación y el número de horas para adaptarse a su horario
  • Flexibilidad para programar y cancelar clases con más de 24 horas de aviso
  • Disponibilidad para elegir el enfoque de la clase (gramática, conversación, informal, de negocios, etc.)
  • Hay una variedad de profesores disponibles para satisfacer las necesidades individuales
  • Actividades gratuitas después de clases todos los días
  • Oportunidad de hacer amistad con personas de todo el mundo
  • Su tarifa contribuye con Mais Caminhos, nuestro programa social; ayudando a niños brasileños necesitados

Desde R$70 por hora

Tiempo adaptado a sus necesidades

A1 (Básico) a C (Avanzado) 9 niveles

Elija el enfoque de la clase

  •   Caminhos is so much more than just a school. It's a community! That the reason why I wanted to come back for a longer period after studying here for a week in 2017. All the teachers I have had in my 4 weeks were great...More

    thumb Sigrid B
  •   Caminhos is an amazing place to learn Portuguese. The teachers are smart, cool, and eager to help you learn. Beyond this, the school provides a community where you can make friends and learn about Brazil outside of the classroom. My experience with classes at Caminhos...More

    thumb andrewavit
  •   I have studied at Caminhos a few times already. If you are looking for a place for good Portuguese language classes and also learn a ton about Brazilian culture, there is no better place. The staff is fantastic and the atmosphere always cheerful and warming....More

    thumb nicobomb
  •   Can’t recommend Caminhos enough! Great school, and awesome teachers. Not only do you get to learn the language, but also get great exposure for cultural events and things that are happening around Rio. You also get to connect with many like minded people who are...More

    thumb Melpagey
  •   Love this school and all their activities and events! Beach volleyball, capoeira, movie nights, samba rehearsals, food course and really amazing hikes! I also reccomend the home-stay acconodation service. The school organized my stay at a brazilian familys house close to the school in Ipanema...More

    thumb tanjadesigner
  •   As usual they went above and beyond. So happy to choose them again. They always take such good care of the students. I highly recommend Caminhos!!!

    thumb HelenaS3484
  •   Great teachers, warm and welcoming atmosphere, a wide range of activities outside of class, good testing to place students at the appropriate level. Good for travelers and new arrivals to Rio. Only wish I had signed up sooner!

    thumb Mandy C
  •   Anyone who’s been to Caminhos knows it’s a lot more than just a school, it’s like a community and family for any gringos who go on an adventure to Rio. I stopped studying there a long time ago, but I still go to their events...More

    thumb ianwalker0
  •   As the name CAMINHOS already implies, in this school learning takes place in/on many different WAYS. Either in the classrooms (private or in group) or during dancing lessons (super!!), outdoor activities ... I enjoyed every single day in this wonderful school. The teachers are excellent...More

    thumb Ca R
  •   Caminhos is a high quality language school and a place run by people who care about their students and their social impact. For years I’ve seen countless students walk out with much improved language skills! I have always and will continue to always recommend it...More

    thumb GiovanaLe

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