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The Caminhos Language Centre is the largest and most popular Portuguese language school in Rio de Janeiro. They offer high quality Portuguese courses whilst maintaining a friendly, relaxed and fun environment. Their Brazilian teachers are carefully selected university graduates. Their methodology is based on the communicative approach and they pride themselves on having unique course material.

Hilaine, Bart, Roger, Nico and Lucas decided to head to Brazil to set up Eco Caminhos. They are idealists with copious experience in social projects, engineering, management, entrepreneurship and educating brazilian youth. They know what it takes to set up a project in Brazil as they have lived and worked in Brazil for 8 years. They enjoy sticking their hands in the dirt, connecting with people and exchanging knowledge.

EduMais is a project registered at Solar Meninos de Luz, a civil and philanthropic organization in Rio de Janeiro’s south zone. EduMais offers extra curricular and complementary educational programs for underprivileged children and youth of the Pavão-Pavãozinho and Cantagalo communities in Rio de Janeiro.

Solar Meninos de Luz’s mission is to transform the lives of children and adolescents in the vulnerable social situations of Cantagalo and Pavão-Pavãozinho communities through preventive actions providing them education and universal humanitarian values.

The Fundação Avante Educação Brasil (SAEB Foundation) aims to pursue a South America where disadvantaged children can build up decent lives by offering quality education and all that is required to achieve this goal.

Harmonicanto is an NGO that operates in the Cantagalo Community. They work with art workshops, vegetable garden, reading incentive, music (singing, flute and initiation to percussion), pedagogical games and school reinforcement daily.

Passei Direto is an academic network for university students whose mission is to connect students from all over Brazil. Since 2012, Passei Direto already concentrates over 7 million students and is present in more than 2,500 universities. Through the site and our applications, students can connect with each other, follow specific courses, share study materials, and take questions with each other.

Atados is a social platform that connects people and organizations, facilitating the engagement in the most diverse possibilities of volunteering. The strengthening of this network and the mobilization of volunteers increase the impact of organizations and transform people and communities.

Pack for a Purpose is a charitable organization that encourages travelers to devote five pounds’ worth of their luggage weight allowance to school supplies, medical equipment and other necessities that can be donated to locals in need. During this year they´ve been connecting us with amazing travelers and providing valuable school material for our kids.

Bayswater is a Language School in the UK. They provide a platform to effective learning through travel, accommodation, classes and activity programs and offer structured guidance throughout the journey. For every Brazilian stunt enrolled at their school they support a Brazilian kid in our social Program.


MYTEFL oferece certificaciones enlinea para las personas queriendo enseñar ingles profesionalmente. Esta companía tambien hace una donacion a una caridad por cada curso vendido. Ahora estan ofreciendo cursos con descuento para todos los voluntarios enseñando Ingles en Mais Caminhos.