30 Jan

The Top Brazilian Clubs: Understanding Brazilians’ Passion for Football »

It is impossible to separate the football from the Brazilian culture. Let's learn a bit more about the biggest Brazilian Clubs in the country.

15 Adjectives in Portuguese Every Beginner Must Know »

Learning Brazilian Portuguese adjectives can be an ace up your sleeve when expressing your feelings and experiences in Brazil.

16 Jan

Brazilian movies you should watch »

Even though the Brazilian film industry is not so big, the country has been producing more and more quality content.

09 Jan

Rio de Janeiro Beaches: Discover the Best Beach for You »

Learn about Rio de Janeiro beaches and sicover which one that better fits your profile. Enjoy the white sand and clear-blue water of Rio.

14 Oct

Tourist Visa for Brazil – How to get and extend it »

If you are planning on visiting Brazil, check this post to get some information about whether you need to apply for a tourist visa or not.

26 Aug

Are you dreaming about traveling across South America? »

Sarah is a former student of Caminhos Language Centre who travels the world with her partner.

21 Aug

Winter Program 2019 – a sparkling in life »

Volunteer Bianca Peixoto was part of the team for Mais Caminhos' 2019 winter program. Here, she talks about her experience with our children.

Hidden Gems in Rio de Janeiro »

Cyrus is a retired librarian from California who came to Rio and fell in love with the city. Watch the video he did while exploring Rio with Caminhos.

14 Aug

The word ‘mesmo’ – usage and meanings in Portuguese | Lesson 16 »

In Portuguese, the word 'mesmo' can mean many different things. Let's learn the uses of 'mesmo' and some expressions with this word.

05 Aug

How to rent and use a bike-share system in Rio de Janeiro »

Lean how to rent a bike in Rio. Bike Rio is very easy and cheap to use - with the traffic jam in the city, cycling seems a great alternative.