Experiência de nosso aluno Nicky na Caminhos: Semana 1 »

  Nicky é um aluno da Caminhos Language Centre. Em uma série de posts ele vai descrever sua experiência em suas 16 semanas de curso de Português.

After living in the Netherlands for one year, Davi is back in Brazil! »

Two years ago, Bart and Jascha decided to offer Davi the opportunity to participate in a fully paid annual exchange program in the Netherlands .

Dream News 2: Incredible results of our students »

LLiving your Dream started to teach English to children from orphanages in Rio. Word of mouth was so powerful that students outside the ‘orphanages’ wanted to participate as well.

Casa do Caminho Language Centre Sends Five Children to Poland »

Casa do Caminho Language Centre (CDC) and Living your Dream are proud to present to our students, volunteers and supporters, our latest success story: ‘Brave Kids.

16 Apr

Caminhos Language Centre News »

Casa do Caminho Language Centre (CDC) was founded in 2009 by Bart Bijen, who was at that time the managing director of the Casa do Caminho orphanage in Xerem.

07 Nov

Learning Portuguese at Casa do Caminho in Rio de Janeiro »

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – An increasing amount of foreigners are travelling to Brazil for work, attracted by its growing economy and rising middle class.