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30 Jul

Verb To Be in Portuguese – SER and ESTAR | Lesson 7 »

Learn the present tense of verbs SER and ESTAR in Portuguese, its common uses and differences.

19 Jul

Vocabulary in Portuguese – School Supplies | Lesson 6 »

If you are studying Portuguese, you will love to learn more vocabulary, this time we're going to talk about some of the school supplies we use in the classrooms.

03 Jul

The Favelas of Rio de Janeiro »

There are much more in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro than the bad parts the media likes to address. Favelas are a place of creativity, sense of community and entrepreneurship.

03 Jul

Expressions in Portuguese using the verb “dar” | Lesson 5 »

Learn Portuguese and sound like a native. Learn some expressions in Portuguese using the verb "dar".

27 Jun

Portuguese Vocabulary – Restaurant | Lesson 4 »

In this lesson, you will learn a some Portuguese vocabulary. This time, we'll teach you vocabulary used in restaurants.

18 Jun

Portuguese Vocabulary – Let’s talk about food | Lesson 3 »

Learn some vocabulary in Portuguese. Learn about food in Portuguese.

15 Jun

Best Way to Learn a New Language – in our case, Portuguese »

What is the best way to learn a new language? From taking courses at a language school to watching movies and listening to music, there are lots of things you can do with this quest.

11 Jun

Indefinite Pronouns in Portuguese | Lesson 2 »

Learn about Indefinite Pronouns and improve your Portuguese.

04 Jun

Interrogative Pronouns in Portuguese | Lesson 1 »

Study about Interrogative Pronouns and learn Portuguese for free.

11 May

Why study Portuguese at Caminhos Language Centre? »

We have many reasons for you to choose Caminhos Language Centre if you're looking for a great place to learn Portuguese in Brazil.