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26 Mar

8 tips on what to do at home during the coronavirus pandemic »

Staying inside during the coronavirus lockdown is not always easy. Caminhos is here to help you with different activities you could do while staying home.

Best books to learn Portuguese »

Here you will find a small list of Portuguese books you can use to learn Portuguese. Come to take a look and start improving your language skills right now.

12 Portuguese words hard to pronounce »

Here are some hard Portuguese words to pronounce. Take some time to get to know them because that can save you from a few embarrassing situations.

05 Mar

10 Things You Need To Know Before Going To Rio de Janeiro »

Here are some interesting curiosities and other things tourists need to know before going to Rio de Janeiro for the first time.

20 Feb

The Best Cultural Tours in Rio de Janeiro »

From museums to churches and neighborhoods, there are amazing cultural tours to be done in Rio de Janeiro.

13 Feb

Curiosities about Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro »

Embrace the white sand, blue water, cool breeze and amazing weather of Copacabana Beach.

Be aware: Bad Words in Portuguese »

Admit it! If you are in the process of studying Brazilian Portuguese, you might be looking forward to learning some bad words in Portuguese. Here's your chance.

Mais Caminhos Summer Camp 2020 »

Malika and Elisa were volunteers during Mais Caminhos Summer Camp 2020. They share with us their experience being volunteers with kids from the community.

30 Jan

The Top Brazilian Clubs: Understanding Brazilians’ Passion for Football »

In Brazil, there's a group of 12 football teams called the Big Twelve.

15 Brazilian Portuguese Adjectives Every Beginner Must Know »

Learning adjectives in Portuguese can be an ace up your sleeve when expressing your feelings about Brazil or telling people about the incredible experiences you had in the Marvellous City .