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14 Oct

  • By Amanda Ennes
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Tourist Visa for Brazil – How to get and extend it »

In this article, we provide you with all information needed about tourist visa for Brazil.

26 Aug

Are you dreaming about traveling across South America? »

Sarah is a former student of Caminhos Language Centre who travels the world with her partner.

Winter Program 2019 – a sparkling in life »

Read more about Bianca Peixoto's experience volunteering with Mais Caminhos in 2019.

Hidden Gems in Rio de Janeiro »

Check the cool stories and photos Cyrus shared with Caminhos about his experience in Rio de Janeiro.

14 Aug

The word ‘mesmo’ – usage and meanings in Portuguese | Lesson 16 »

The word 'mesmo' has several meanings in Portuguese. Let's look at some examples and study each concept of the word.

05 Aug

How to rent and use a bike-share system in Rio de Janeiro »

Rent a bike in Rio de Janeiro using a bike-share system and come to the Portuguese school by bike, enjoying the view and exercising for a cheap price.

01 Aug

Difference between verbs Achar and Pensar in Portuguese | Lesson 15 »

In this lesson, we are learning the difference between verbs 'achar' and 'pensar' in Portuguese.

29 Jul

Differences between Por and Para in Portuguese | Lesson 14 »

In this Portuguese lessons, we are learning the differences between prepositions Por and Para in Portuguese.

10 Jul

Trazer and Levar in Portuguese (To bring) | Lesson 13 »

In this lesson, we are learning the differences between verbs Trazer and Levar in Portuguese.

Present tense of regular verbs in Portuguese – Presente do Indicativo | Lesson 12 »

Learn about the present tense of regular verbs in Portuguese with this online lesson from Caminhos Language Centre.