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Partir, Sair and Ir Embora in Portuguese »

Verbs partir, sair and ir embora may have the same meaning in Portuguese. However, there are cases where they mean different things completely. Let's check the context.

Ver, Pôr and Vir – The most difficult verbs in Portuguese »

Learning Portuguese is challenging. Some students have a hard time learning some of the most difficult verbs in Portuguese. So, let's talk about them.

5 Best Apps for Learning Portuguese »

Besides Portuguese classes, we believe there are great tools to help you to improve your studies. Discover the 5 best apps for learning Portuguese.

14 May

Smaller Cities to Visit Near Rio de Janeiro »

We are all thinking about where we are going next when we are allowed to travel again.

Checklist: Brazilian Portuguese Business Expressions and Vocabulary »

Learn a few words and Portuguese business expressions you will certainly use when working in Brazil or working in a Brazilian company.

30 Apr

Lesser-Known Tourist Sights in Rio de Janeiro »

What tourists may not know about Rio is that there are a lot of hidden sights all over the city. Discover those lesser-known tourist sights in Rio de Janeiro.

23 Apr

7 Tips on Shopping in Rio de Janeiro – Online and In-Store Shopping »

If you are an expat living in Brazil or a tourist in need to buy something specific, you might need some tips on shopping in Rio de Janeiro.

16 Apr

Brazilian Foods: Main Traditional Brazilian Dishes »

Brazilian people love their food. And they should! Brazilian food is usually healthy, well-seasoned and very tasty. Let's check a few of the most famous traditional Brazilian foods.

02 Apr

  • By Amanda Ennes
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What are the most played Brazilian songs in recent years? »

Nowadays all you see in lists of most played Brazilian songs are Sertanejo and Funk. Here are some of the most played Brazilian songs in recent years.