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22 Jul

Flirting in Portuguese With A Brazilian »

If you are single in Brazil, hanging around and meeting new people, you may want to know your ways around flirting in Portuguese.

15 Jul

The Flag of Brazil: Brief History, Colors, and Stars »

The flag of Brazil is one of the most recognizable flags on Earth. The national symbol was created after the Proclamation of the Republic.

How to say Thank You in Portuguese »

There are different ways to say Thank You in Portuguese, formal and informal ways. Learn them all to choose which form you should use.

01 Jul

What does a typical Brazilian breakfast look like? »

A typical Brazilian breakfast includes crusty bread and coffee. However, other types of food also represent well a breakfast meal in Brazil.

Vocabulary: Festa Junina in Brazil – Traditional Church Fairs »

Festa Junina in Brazil is a traditional feast that occurs in June, celebrating the harvest season and Saints Anthony, Peter, and John.

Learn the name of the colors in Portuguese | Lesson 10 »

Learn the name of the colors in Brazilian Portuguese and also the correct pronunciation. We also have exercises for you to practice.

10 Jun

June 12: Valentine’s Day in Brazil – History and Traditions »

Brazilians call their Valentine's Dia dos Namorados and celebrate it on June 12.

04 Jun

Did you drink too much? 7 Tips to Cure a Hangover »

If your friends dragged you to a bar and left you with a major headache to take care of, here are a few tips on how to cure a hangover.

27 May

The Main Rivers of Brazil – Explore the Brazilian Freshwaters »

Brazil have incredible rivers that flow all around the country.

20 May

Prepositions in Portuguese – Learn Brazilian Portuguese »

Learn the most common prepositions in Portuguese to improve your writing and capability of speaking in a fluent and fluid manner.