04 Mar

The 5 Most Popular Sports in Brazil »

Whether we will be watching games or playing, Brazilians are much connected to sports in general. Check the 5 most popular sports in Brazil.

24 Feb

Popular Brazilian idioms that will make you sound like a native speaker »

Learn some Brazilian idioms: how to use them and the story behind it.

10 Feb

Rio de Janeiro Ferris wheel – The largest Ferris wheel in Latin America »

Visit Rio de Janeiro Ferris wheel, the largest Ferris wheel in Latin America! The attraction is located in the docks area of Rio de Janeiro.

04 Feb

15 Interesting Facts About Rio de Janeiro »

The city of Rio de Janeiro is known all over the world. But there are many interesting facts about Rio de Janeiro to discover still.

28 Jan

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Brazilian Real: Currency of Brazil »

The Brazilian Real is the official currency of Brazil. It is represented by the sign R$ and ISO 4217 code BRL. Real means "royal" in English.

21 Jan

Will we celebrate Carnival in Rio de Janeiro in 2021? »

Carnival 2021 in Rio de Janeiro is officially canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. It is the first time that this has happened in Rio.

14 Jan

Student Visa for Brazil – How to get and extend it »

What do you need to get or extend your student visa for Brazil? Caminhos is here to help you since step 1 and guide you through this process.

07 Jan

The Most Popular Brazilian Soap Operas of All Time »

Gender, age, or social status do not make a difference: everyone in Brazil has already been addicted to Brazilian soap operas in their lives.

31 Dec

New Year’s Eve in Brazil: Tips, Traditions, and Famous Destinations »

New Year's Eve in Brazil is a huge celebration, in which people make plans way ahead and follow all these amazing traditions.

24 Dec

Portuguese tips: When to Use ‘para mim’ or ‘para eu’ in Portuguese »

The use of personal pronouns may be a tricky thing to learn.