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Caminhos Language Centre is the largest and most exciting Portuguese school in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We have an excellent infrastructure – our building has 10 classrooms, a lounge, a kitchen, a computer area, and free WiFi. Our Caminhos team consists of more than 15 experienced Brazilian teachers and friendly multilingual support staff. We are the only school in Brazil able to offer Portuguese group courses throughout the year on 10 levels (beginner to high advanced and Spanish/Italian speakers). Since we opened in 2009, we continuously evaluate and develop our curriculum and services and have become the leading Portuguese school in Brazil following these principles: “Learn Portuguese and experience Brazilian culture whilst supporting a good cause”. We keep our original vibe by continuing to create unique events like Caipi-SextaShitty Tour, and Caminhos in Action.

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You will learn how to speak Brazilian Portuguese in an effective, dynamic and fun way. We offer you a diverse learning curriculum and cultural immersion in Rio de Janeiro. Small group classes facilitate student-teacher interaction.

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Our school offers you more than Portuguese lessons for foreigners. We offer you the complete Rio de Janeiro experience. Every day we organize 100% free and fun activities for you to socialise and practise your Portuguese. Activities include beach volleyball, samba classes, football matches, hikes and sightseeing tours. At Caminhos  you can learn Portuguese in Rio while having the time of your life!

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Caminhos was founded with the objective to support Brazilian children in need. Over the years, the school has invested more than half of its profits into social welfare causes. We recently launched ‘Mais Caminhos’  for Brazilian children. Children come to the school from nearby ‘favelas’ to learn and have fun. The school has also employed Davi a former resident of the Casa do Caminho orphanage. Watch the documentary on Davi.  At Caminhos you learn Portuguese while your fee supports underprivileged children! We also offer short and long term volunteer opportunities.

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At Caminhos, you can choose between Portuguese group courses and private classes. We have 10 different levels running every weekday throughout the year. Intensive Portuguese courses run from Monday to Friday for 4 hours per day. In addition to intensive courses, it is possible to take Caminhos Talk. Caminhos Talk is a complementary Portuguese course designed to improve your conversation skills. For Spanish and Italian speakers we offer a Latin Group course. This beginner course runs for one week instead of four weeks.

Private classes are tailored to suit your needs, enabling you to study Portuguese at your own pace. You decide when, where and how classes are taken. We have several private class options, including: regular private classes; Celpe-Bras preparation, and Portuguese Immersion program.

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Learn Brazilian Portuguese four blocks from the famous Ipanema Beach. You can come to school wearing your shorts and flip flops! Ipanema is famous for its bustling social scene, great restaurants, cafés and shops. Ipanema’s metro station, is five minutes walk from the language school. At the school we offer free Wi-Fi, coffee and filtered water. Many students head to the beach straight after class. Our free beach volleyball on Mondays is very popular.

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Caminhos offers you a wide variety of accommodation options in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We want to ensure you a safe and comfortable stay in Rio de Janeiro. We can recommend you our homestay option. Homestay allows you to experience Brazilian life and culture with locals while practising your Portuguese with your host family.

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Caminhos Language Centre is the most fun and exciting language school to study Portuguese in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

We offer a wide range of Brazilian Portuguese courses, such as: group, conversational, private, and Celpe-Bras preparation classes.

Caminhos can also help you to obtain a Brazilian student visa and homestay accommodation in Rio de Janeiro.

Every day we have free after-class activities so you can practice your Portuguese whilst having fun and making friends. Our activities include beach volleyball, capoeira lessons, samba classes, hikes in the mountains, city tours, and much more.

Your tuition fee will also help underprivileged children in Brazil. We have our own social program called Mais Caminhos which receives children and from the nearby communities (favelas) for educational, cultural, and recreational activities.


Caminhos offers a variety of school activities throughout Rio de Janeiro each week in order to maximize your experience and immersion into the Brazilian culture. Our activities include Orientation, City Tour, Bate-PapoBeach VollyballSupport Hour, Football, Caipi-Sexta, Samba and more.

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Intensive Portuguese

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Mais Caminhos Social Programme


mais caminhos social program

Part of your fee helps empowering children and young adults from communities of Rio de Janeiro. Mais Caminhos is our own social project, which helps motivated underprivileged Brazilian kids make their dreams come true. Learn more about Mais Caminhos and volunteer with us.


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