Samba Classes in Rio de Janeiro

Learn Samba in Rio de Janeiro

Learn samba, the most famous dance in Brazil at Caminhos Language Centre. Bruno, our fantastic professional samba teacher from Lapa, offers you free samba classes every week at the language school. We guarantee that Bruno will get your hips moving and shaking!


When: Every Wednesday evening
Where: Caminhos Language Centre
Cost: Free!

Check the actual times for our samba classes in the Caminhos Activity Calendar.

What is Samba?

Samba is a Brazilian musical genre, rhythm and dance style with its roots in Africa. It arrived in Brazil as a result of the West African slave trade. Although there are various styles of samba across Brazil, samba is a genre of music that is typically regarded as a key musical expression of the city of Rio de Janeiro.

As well as a musical expression of Rio, samba has become a national cultural expression and a symbol of Brazil’s annual Carnival, which is now well known around the world. Our free weekly samba classes are great for you if you would like to have a sense of this wonderful part of Brazilian and Rio’s culture.

Why you should join our samba classes?

First of all, you should come to our samba classes because the classes with Bruno are very enjoyable. Secondly, it provides you with yet another chance to meet fellow students from the language school. The main reason to join our samba classes, however, is that by learning how to dance samba and displaying your new found dance skills you will make better connections with Cariocas, as it shows your interest in their culture and customs. After a few classes with Bruno, we recommend you attend one of the famous samba schools in Rio de Janeiro to show off your newly-learned skills.

Visit a samba school

The city of Rio de Janeiro has several famous samba schools, and we highly recommend that you visit an official rehearsal during your stay in this wonderful city. It really is impressive to see such a tremendous number of people practising samba the Brazilian way: some sort of ‘organised chaos’. Mangueira, Unidos da Tijuca and Grande Rio are among the best samba schools for attending a rehearsal in Rio. Most samba schools practise on Saturdays, though a few schools – such as Portela and Beija-Flor – hold their samba rehearsals on other nights of the week.

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