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online portuguese classes

Course Description

Now students can access Caminhos online through our ‘Online Portuguese Classes!’.

This means you can now learn Brazilian Portuguese from the privacy of your own home or workplace. All you need is internet access and a webcam. Our classes are taught by one of our qualified Brazilian teachers in a ‘virtual’ classroom setting. You will have access to different material and learning tools such as whiteboard, quality videos, and audio links.

Caminhos Online Portuguese classes are ideal for students who wish to study Portuguese before they arrive in Brazil or for students returning home and wishing to maintain their Portuguese fluency.

Please download our Questionnaire for Private Classes here.

Meet the Portuguese Teacher

Online Portuguese Highlights

  • Online Portuguese classes are tailored to your individual needs.
  • Excellent ‘virtual’ classroom (‘LearnCube’) which will work in any browser.
  • You choose the date, time and the number of hours to suit your schedule.
  • The flexibility to schedule and cancel classes with more than 24 hours notice.
  • Student is available to choose the focus of the class (grammar, conversation, informal or business focus, etc).
  • There are a variety of teachers available to suit individual needs.
  • Your fee supports Mais Caminhos — our social programme; helping Brazilian kids in need.

from R$80 per hour

Times tailored to you

Virtual classroom

  • star rating  If you are staying in Rio you HAVE to study at Caminhos! If you are looking to learn Portuguese, this is the place to do it. The teachers are very... read more

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  • star rating  Excellent experience. Highly recommended. The classes were professional, well taught and well organized. It is a real learning center and I have only the highest praise.

    Great presentation... read more

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  • star rating  Caminho is truly great. I took 5 weeks of private lessons and now I plan to continue my study by taking online courses. My teachers are wonderful: Antonio, Bruno V,... read more

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  • star rating  I spent 2 months learning Portuguese at Caminhos and was extremely impressed by the quality of the teachers, textbooks, and the style of teaching. Classes are interactive and really work... read more

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  • star rating  I loved the 5 weeks I spent learning Portuguese at Caminhos! All of the teachers and the staff were fantastic. The group classes (4hr/day) offered the perfect mix of structure... read more

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  • star rating  Caminhos is not just a great place to learn Portuguese. Their programs allow you to use the language as a way to discover Rio de Janeiro and part of Brazilian... read more

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  • star rating  I spent 1 month learning Portuguese and it was greatest experience ever. I wish I could have stayed longer since I felt I was making so much progress and it... read more

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  • star rating  I’ve been taking classes with Caminhos for the last six weeks and I cannot recommend them enough. The physical location is currently closed due to COVID so I am... read more

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