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Support Hour for Portuguese Questions

Every Wednesday we run a Support Hour hosted by one of our highly qualified Portuguese teachers If you have doubts, teachers can help you with your Portuguese questions for grammar or other issues.The activity is entirely free.


When: Every Wednesday afternoon
Where: Caminhos Language Centre
Cost: Free!

Check the actual times in our Caminhos Activity Calendar on the right.


Portuguese for Foreingers – the ‘Total Brazil Experience’

Support Hour is a free, complementary activity for our Portuguese courses. Caminhos Language Centre offers a wide variety of ‘Portuguese for Foreigners’ courses, all designed over the course of several years based on the experiences of our teachers and feedback of our students. Our language school  knows that teaching goes far beyond the classroom if we want our students to be able to speak Portuguese well and to get to know more about Brazilian culture.

We now offer a wide range of free activities for our students five days per week, including sports, hikes, Brazilian dances (including the infamous samba!), Brazilian cinema and a range of interesting tours across the city. And to make the ’Total Brazil Experience’ complete, our Homestay accommodation option offers our students the opportunity to stay with local Brazilian families to practise their Portuguese in an authentic environment and fully experience the life and culture of ‘Cariocas’.

Intensive Group Courses

Intensive Group Courses are designed for students who want to learn Portuguese in a relatively short period of time, and who are available to study on a daily basis. Courses run from Monday to Friday, four hours per day. After completing our ‘Prova de Nivelamento’ (proficiency test)  new students are assigned the appropriate course level: Beginner (A), Pre-Intermediate (B1), Intermediate (B2) or Advanced (C). 90% of our students finish the set of four courses – A, B1, B2 and C – in four months and are able to hold good conversations in Portuguese by the end of this period.

Private Classes

Caminhos Private Classes are tailored to suit each student’s individual needs, enabling them to decide when, where and how their classes are offered. Private Portuguese classes can focus more on conversation or grammar, as preferred, and can be held inside or outside the classroom, with the ability for students to visit cultural sites throughout the city of Rio de Janeiro with their teacher.

Our Rio Immersion (Portuguese immersion program) private classes are ideally suited to people who want to study the Portuguese language while enjoying the city of Rio de Janeiro as a tourist, but who lack the time to do both effectively. The course involves Portuguese classes being held while exploring the city, and the time spent at Caminhos Language Centre is kept to a minimum in order to maximise sightseeing and local cultural experiences.

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