Brazilian Literature: The Best Brazilian Authors of All Time »

An incredible number of Brazilian authors have influenced literature and art in the country -- they are mandatory reading for all generations.

Best way to learn Portuguese: Private Lessons or Group Classes? »

What is the best way to learn Portuguese? Private Lessons or Group Classes? It all depends on your personality, learning style, and goals.

03 Dec

The Unique Wild Animals of Brazil »

Brazil is the second country with the most endemic species. Some of the animals of Brazil include the hyacinth macaw and the giant anteater.

10 Portuguese Words That Can’t Be Translated »

Just like any other language on the planet, there are some Portuguese words that just can't be translated, like Saudade and Xodó.

12 Nov

Why Brazilians are passionate about samba, football, and beer? »

A research about Brazilians' passions stated that the top 3 things Brazilians love the most are football, beer, and samba.

05 Nov

Biodiversity in Brazil: A Megadiverse Country »

Brazil is the most diverse country in the world. The biodiversity in Brazil is ever-expanding, with 700 new species discovered each year.

29 Oct

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Brazilian fruits and where to buy them in Rio »

Brazil has over 300 native fruits, including the pineapple and açaí. But there are many other Brazilian fruits many people are unaware of.

How long does it take to learn Portuguese? »

The difficulty or ease of learning a language will differ from people to people. How long does it take to learn Portuguese? Well, it depends.

15 Oct

What will post-pandemic tourism in Brazil be like? »

Before planning your trip during the coronavirus pandemic, check some information you must know about post-pandemic tourism in Brazil.

08 Oct

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11+ Interesting Facts About Brazil »

From the beginning of Brazilian history to current times, from sports to food, let's check some interesting facts about Brazil.