23 Jul

Foz do Iguaçu in Brazil – One of the Largest Waterfalls in the World »

Foz do Iguaçu is among the most visited cities in Brazil – it is home to one of the largest waterfalls in the world.

09 Jul

Why do Cariocas love açaí? The trendy Brazilian berry »

Originally from the North of Brazil, açaí became popular in Rio during the '80s.

02 Jul

Why learn Brazilian Portuguese? »

Learning Portuguese could be a great door opener for future opportunities. Check a few reasons why you should learn Brazilian Portuguese.

25 Jun

Traditional Festa Junina Food in Brazil »

It's June, it's Festa Junina season in Brazil! And one of the things we like the most about this time of the year is all the delicious Festa Junina food.

The Main Soccer/Football Vocabulary in Portuguese »

Your Brazilian friends will love to talk about football with you, especially if they know you understand every slang and football vocabulary in Portuguese.

11 Jun

Top 5: Main traditional Brazilian festivals »

Brazilian festivals are spread all over Brazil the whole year long. There is always somewhere to go and something new to learn about the Brazilian culture.

Partir, Sair and Ir Embora in Portuguese »

Verbs 'partir', 'sair' and 'ir embora' may have the same meaning in Portuguese. However, depending on the context, they express different things completely.

Ver, Pôr and Vir – The most difficult verbs in Portuguese »

Learning Portuguese is challenging. Some students have a hard time learning some of the most difficult verbs in Portuguese. So, let's talk about them.

5 Best Apps for Learning Portuguese »

Besides Portuguese classes, we believe there are great tools to help you to improve your studies. Discover the 5 best apps for learning Portuguese.