12 Apr

First impressions of Brazil and cultural differences »

In this article, Demi shows her point of view of a foreigner from Holland moving to Brazil for the first time to work as an intern at Caminhos Language Centre.

14 Mar

Best beaches in Rio de Janeiro »

Here's a list of the 5 best beaches in the state of Rio de Janeiro for you to visit while in Rio.

(Português) Como está o Davi? »

Sorry, this entry is only available in Brazilian Portuguese.

Christmas celebration at Caminhos Language Centre »

During the month of December, Caminhos Language Centre organized two celebrations at the school to celebrate Christmas.

All you need to know about Celpe-Bras »

If a foreigner come to Brazil interested in study in a university or find a job in a good company, they will probably need to take the Celpe-Bras exam.

28 Nov

Orientation Mondays – Welcoming New Students »

Every two weeks, Caminhos starts new group classes for people from all around the world.

10 Nov

The Benefits of Learning a Second Language »

Studies show that people who speak two or more languages have better brain activity.

04 Nov

Congolese refugees learn Portuguese at Caminhos »

Refugees from Congo came to Brazil for a new life but were finding it difficult to find a job and make friends because they didn't speak Portuguese.

21 Oct

Teacher Appreciation Day at Caminhos »

In Brazil we celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day every October 15th and this year was very special at Caminhos, as we had a day full of fun.

17 Oct

The ways of a Brazilian from the eyes of a Half Gringo »

Nick's mom is Brazilian and he has lots of Brazilian relatives. Because of that he's been visiting Rio de Janeiro since he was born.