14 May

Smaller Cities to Visit Near Rio de Janeiro »

People who love traveling are always thinking about where they are going next. Here are some stunning smaller cities to visit near Rio de Janeiro.

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Learn a few words and Portuguese business expressions you will certainly use when working in Brazil or working in a Brazilian company.

30 Apr

Lesser-Known Tourist Sights in Rio de Janeiro »

What tourists may not know about Rio is that there are lots of hidden sights all over the city. Discover those lesser-known tourist sights in Rio de Janeiro.

23 Apr

7 Tips on Shopping in Rio de Janeiro – Online and In-Store Shopping »

If you are an expat living in Brazil or a tourist in need to buy something specific, you might need some tips on shopping in Rio de Janeiro.

16 Apr

Brazilian Food: Main Traditional Brazilian Dishes »

Brazilians love their food. And they should! Brazilian food is usually healthy, well-seasoned and delicious. Check some famous traditional Brazilian dishes.

02 Apr

What are the most played Brazilian songs in recent years? »

Nowadays, all you see in lists of most played Brazilian songs are Sertanejo and Funk. Here are some of the most played Brazilian songs in recent years.

26 Mar

8 tips on what to do at home during the coronavirus pandemic »

Getting through a lockdown is not easy. Caminhos has a few tips of different activities you could do while staying home during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Here you will find a small list of Portuguese books you can use to learn Portuguese. Come to take a look and start improving your language skills right now.

12 Portuguese words hard to pronounce »

Here are some hard Portuguese words to pronounce. Take some time to get to know them because that can save you from a few embarrassing situations.