21 Oct

Teacher Appreciation Day at Caminhos »

In Brazil we celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day every October 15th and this year was very special at Caminhos, as we had a day full of fun.

17 Oct

The ways of a Brazilian from the eyes of a Half Gringo »

Nick's mom is Brazilian and he has lots of Brazilian relatives. Because of that he's been visiting Rio de Janeiro since he was born.

The ultimate list of carioca SLANG! »

Cariocas have a very unique way of talking and expressing themselves. In this list, you will find most of the slang used by people from Rio de Janeiro in a daily basis.

5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Volunteer »

Volunteering can be really good for you, for you CV and networking.

28 Sep

A little bit of Ipanema’s history »

During the early twentieth century in Rio de Janeiro, people started to occupy other neighborhoods away from the center, like Ipanema.

23 Sep

Brazil: bringing a whole new meaning to ‘festa’ »

Don't be surprised if you are invited to a child's birthday party in Brazil and be welcomed with a huge celebration with lots of food, alcoholic beverage and all kids of sweets.

21 Sep

A six-week FLAS adventure with Caminhos Language Centre »

Susanna Southworth came to Rio de Janeiro on a Foreign Language Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship to study Portuguese for six weeks.

16 Sep

Separated at Birth: Ipanema and Copacabana »

A lot of tourists are disappointed when they see they can't cross the Ipanema-Copacabana coastal border by foot.

Why learn Brazilian Portuguese? »

Brazilian Portuguese is the most studied variant of the Portuguese language in the world today.

Getting to know: Pavão-Pavãozinho »

Many people assume that favelas are associated with negativity and danger. Many Brazilians and tourists are really afraid of entering one.