22 Apr

Brazilian fruits and where to buy them in Rio »

There are more than 300 fruits from Brazil. In this text you will learn about some of them and see the best places to buy traditional Brazilian fruits in Rio de Janeiro.

12 Apr

First impressions of Brazil and cultural differences »

In this article, Demi shows her point of view of a foreigner from Holland moving to Brazil for the first time to work as an intern at Caminhos Language Centre.

14 Mar

Best beaches in Rio de Janeiro »

Here's a list of the 5 best beaches in the state of Rio de Janeiro for you to visit while in Rio.

(Português) Como está o Davi? »

Sorry, this entry is only available in Brazilian Portuguese.

Christmas celebration at Caminhos Language Centre »

During the month of December, Caminhos Language Centre organized two celebrations at the school to celebrate Christmas.

All you need to know about Celpe-Bras »

If a foreigner come to Brazil interested in study in a university or find a job in a good company, they will probably need to take the Celpe-Bras exam.

28 Nov

Orientation Mondays – Welcoming New Students »

Every two weeks, Caminhos starts new group classes for people from all around the world.

10 Nov

The Benefits of Learning a Second Language »

Studies show that people who speak two or more languages have better brain activity.

04 Nov

Congolese refugees learn Portuguese at Caminhos »

Refugees from Congo came to Brazil for a new life but were finding it difficult to find a job and make friends because they didn't speak Portuguese.

21 Oct

Teacher Appreciation Day at Caminhos »

In Brazil we celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day every October 15th and this year was very special at Caminhos, as we had a day full of fun.