01 Oct

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7 Brazilian Habits Foreigners Find to Be Weird »

Have you ever tried avocado smoothie or called your boss by their first name? Find out the Brazilian habits most foreigners find to be weird.

24 Sep

Fauna and Flora of Rio de Janeiro: Explore Rio’s Nature »

The Atlantic Forest is responsible for the majority of Rio's nature. It is one of the richest biomes in the world in terms of biodiversity.

17 Sep

Carioca menu: 5 must-try food in Rio de Janeiro »

Being a turistic city, much of the traditional food from Rio de Janeiro has influences from other cultures. Check the popular dishes Cariocas love.

10 Sep

Top 13 Brazilian Superstitions and Beliefs Locals Still Follow »

Some beliefs and folklore are still part of life in Brazil. The Brazilian superstitions people follow as of today are part of their culture.

Portuguese words you will never use »

Some Portuguese words are almost impossible to pronounce without hesitating. Check the Portuguese words you will never use on a daily basis.

27 Aug

Main health care when traveling to Brazil »

When visiting someplace new, we all have some concerns about health care.

20 Aug

Top 7 Hikes in Rio de Janeiro: Fun and Adventure! »

City and nature integrate really well in Rio de Janeiro. With breathtaking views, many hikes lead you to wonderful lookout points.

12 Aug

The 10 most famous Brazilian celebrities nowadays »

Who are the most famous Brazilian celebrities in 2020? In this list, we are considering musicians, athletes, actors, writers and more.

06 Aug

16 free things to do in Rio de Janeiro »

Rio de Janeiro can be quite an expensive place to visit, but besides beaches, there are many free things to do in the city.

Is Portuguese the hardest language to learn? »

Learning a new language is never easy. We often hear people saying that Portuguese is the hardest language to learn.