04 Nov

Congolese refugees learn Portuguese at Caminhos »

Refugees from Congo came to Brazil for a new life but were finding it difficult to find a job and make friends because they didn't speak Portuguese.

21 Oct

Teacher Appreciation Day at Caminhos »

In Brazil we celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day every October 15th and this year was very special at Caminhos, as we had a day full of fun.

17 Oct

The ways of a Brazilian from the eyes of a Half Gringo »

Nick's mom is Brazilian and he has lots of Brazilian relatives. Because of that he's been visiting Rio de Janeiro since he was born.

03 Oct

The ultimate list of carioca SLANG! »

Cariocas have a very unique way of talking and expressing themselves. In this list, you will find most of the slang used by people from Rio de Janeiro in a daily basis.

30 Sep

5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Volunteer »

Volunteering can be really good for you, for you CV and networking.

28 Sep

A little bit of Ipanema’s history »

During the early twentieth century in Rio de Janeiro, people started to occupy other neighborhoods away from the center, like Ipanema.

23 Sep

Brazil: bringing a whole new meaning to ‘festa’ »

Don't be surprised if you are invited to a child's birthday party in Brazil and be welcomed with a huge celebration with lots of food, alcoholic beverage and all kids of sweets.

21 Sep

A six-week FLAS adventure with Caminhos Language Centre »

Susanna Southworth came to Rio de Janeiro on a Foreign Language Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship to study Portuguese for six weeks.

16 Sep

Separated at Birth: Ipanema and Copacabana »

A lot of tourists are disappointed when they see they can't cross the Ipanema-Copacabana coastal border by foot.

15 Sep

Why learn Brazilian Portuguese? »

Brazilian Portuguese is the most studied variant of the Portuguese language in the world today.