Learn the name of the colors in Portuguese | Lesson 10 »

Learn the name of the colors in Portuguese. We also have a video for you to learn the correct pronunciation of each color and exercices for you to practice.

Verb To Have in Portuguese – Verbo Ter (Present) | Lesson 9 »

Learn how to use the present tense of the verb to have (verbo ter) in Portuguese. Verb "Ter" expresses: possession, physical traits, age and existence.

Present Continuous in Portuguese | Lesson 8 »

Learn how to use the present continuous in Portuguese. To do so, we use the present tense of the verb to be (estar) + gerund (gerúndio).

Best ways to learn a new language online »

With people's rush lives nowadays, it can be difficult to find time to go to a school and learn a new language.

20 Feb

23 Jan

Things to Bring to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil »

Do not pack a huge suitcase for Brazil if you don't need to. Learn about the things that are cheap in Rio de Janeiro so you can buy them when you get here.

Verb To Be in Portuguese – SER and ESTAR | Lesson 7 »

Learn the present tense of verbs SER and ESTAR in Portuguese, its common uses and differences.

Vocabulary – School Supplies in Portuguese | Lesson 6 »

Learn more vocabulary in Portuguese and improve your study. Today we are going to learn the vocabulary for school supplies in Portuguese.

03 Jul

The Favelas of Rio de Janeiro »

There are much more in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro than the bad parts the media likes to address. Favelas are a place of creativity, sense of community and entrepreneurship.

Expressions in Portuguese using the verb «dar» | Lesson 5 »

Learn Portuguese and sound like a native. Learn some expressions in Portuguese using the verb "dar".