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Let me start by saying this: not every Brazilian likes football, not every Brazilian drinks beer, not every Brazilian enjoys samba. However, there is no denying a huge portion of the population in Brazil absolutely love these three things altogether.

2012 research about Brazilians’ passions stated that the top 3 things Brazilians love the most are football, beer, and Carnaval, respectively. This survey interviewed both men and women aged 18 and above. Coincidence? I think not! These three things are part of daily life in Brazil ever since we are very young. It is part of our culture and heritage. 

So, why Brazilians are so passionate about samba, football, and beer?


Samba is a music genre that originated in the Afro-Brazilian communities of Rio de Janeiro in the early 20th century. The love Brazilians have for samba is firstly because it is an original Brazilian product! And a really good one.

The samba beat is contagious. It brings joy when you are down, it helps you celebrate great moments, it makes you feel like dancing… The lyrics for some sambas may even help you drown your sorrows when you are sad.

Samba is the key feature for Carnaval. And Brazilians absolutely love Carnaval! In Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo for example, people cheer for the samba school they love the same way they would for a football team.


beer football sambaEven though England invented football, there is a very popular saying in Brazil, in which we refer to our homeland as the «country of football» (país do futebol).

Brazil is the only team to be part of every World Cup competition ever held. It is also the only nation to ever win the World Cup five times. Besides, most people consider Pelé the best football player of all-time — FIFA even elected Pelé Player of the Century during a ceremony in 2000. These all help when comes to the matter of Brazilians being passionate about football.

Every football game is an important event in Brazil. Every Sunday, families reunite at home and friends go out to bars and pubs just to watch the main games together. It is very common to hear neighbors screaming and setting off fireworks during the game as well.

Watching football usually brings joy to Brazilians, whenever they are kids or grown-ups. One of the first gifts parents buy to their children when they are born is a football jersey of their favorite team. Football is also a very common extracurricular activity for children at school.

Overall, football is in our blood since day one!

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In Brazil, a glass of cold beer is something that brings people together. We don’t drink beer only because of the alcohol or as a way to relax. Drinking beer is a way to connect to people, socialize, make friends. 

Going out for a beer after work or after college classes is also a must-do. You probably will not meet any Brazilian who hasn’t been to a happy hour after work. A fun fact is people might not even like the taste of the beer that much, but drinking it with friends is much more than having a sip of the beverage. It is a social thing. Sharing a bottle of beer with friends is a way to connect and bond.

It is important to notice that, in Brazil, the beer must always be freezing cold. During parties and celebrations, people always make sure to have enough ice and space in the freezer to accommodate all the beer they bought. Warm beer is an absolutely no-go to Brazilians.

Draft beer is also very popular. Creamy and smooth, draft beers also win the heart of most Brazilians.

Mixing samba, football, and beer

brasileiros samba cerveja futebolA typical weekend in Brazilian households consists of having a barbecue and drinking some cold beer while listening to music and waiting for the football match to start on TV. There is no better music to tie everything together for a fun Sunday afternoon than samba. 

Samba is what brings people together to dance, sing out loud, remember old hits… 

Most bars in Brazil also use to broadcast football games on Wednesdays and Sundays. Famous pubs get crowded, especially during championships finals. And it is pretty common for those bars to offer live samba music after the games are over. You cheer for your team, hang out with friends, have a drink, and dance the night away to end a perfect Sunday evening. Those who are sad because their favorite football club lost have the opportunity to cheer up. And those who are happy because they won can celebrate even more!

You should all experience this! During World Cups, this experience is even better. It always seems like Brazil is hosting the championship, with people gathered around in every bar, every pub, every restaurant. Live samba music all around the country celebrating the Brazil National Team, especially in Rio de Janeiro. You will love it!

Tell us, do you also love football, beer, and samba?

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