We have fantastic news about Davi and his siblings. Only one year ago in a Dutch TV interview Davi told about his future dream to unite his family, to enter university and to have stable income. Davi has realized all these dreams right now of course with a little help but it is incredible if you consider that he is only 21 years old. ( read more about Davi’s experiences in previous newsletters here).

Gaining Custody over siblings and Family Appartment

It sounds easy. An older brother taking over custody over his siblings who live in orphanages. But this is far from the reality. To gain custody over children in Brazil requires an adult to have stable income, quality accommodation and proof that she/he has the time to actually take care of these children.

About a year ago when Davi was in the Netherlands there were rumors that there was a adoptive family wanting to adopt his youngest brother and sister. This was shocking news for Davi as he and his siblings have always wanted to reunite the entire family. A separation would break the family a part without guarantees that they would be able to see their little sister Luciana and brother Tiago. Both Luciana and Tiago were told that adoption would be their only option and that Davi would possibly not come back from the Netherlands.

Davi decided to write a letter to the judge and asked her kindly to stop any adoption process until he would return to Brazil. The judge granted this wish and on return Davi went several times to talk to the judge. He was told that he had 3 months to organize quality accommodation and stable income.

Before the judge even asked him, Davi was already working full time at the Caminhos Language Centre and with the support from the all the donors, he was able to rent a 3 room apartment and buy the most crucial furniture and kitchen equipment to get started. Patricia, a lady who has been helping the family for a long time, has done several campaigns to furnish the house better which has greatly helped to create a family atmosphere in the house. Each room has now a quality bed, closet and the living room has some couches and a TV. The kitchen is fully equipped and of course a washing machine for the family could not miss out. But in the meanwhile the process to liberate the custody was slow and often Davi spend hours traveling to speak to the authorities without success. But this is where Davi is strongest, he never gives up even though he is often all on his own. A month ago the judge shared the concern that when Davi would work and study he could not take care for his younger brother and sister. Davi had already mobilized his older sister that lives nearby Davi’s new apartment and Patricia organized a neighbor who could help out if needed. Also Vitor, Davi’s brother who turned 18 a few weeks ago was a candidate to help Davi to take care of Tiago and Luciana. And then finally a few weeks ago in 2 meetings Davi was granted the custody over Luciano, Luciana and Tiago. It was decided that Vitor who had to leave the orphanage as he just turned 18 would move in, Luciano (16) could come in the weekends and probably will move in next year (to take things step by step) and Luciana and Tiago where transferred immediately. The family has lived their dream to reunite, something they have been longing for. Everyone is happy for the family!

Family live

It is incredible to see a 21 year old taking care of an entire family which he did not put on this world. Luckily with Vitor there is now another (young) adult in the house to support. Vitor has found a job in a local supermarket and Vitor is enrolled in a vocational course to become a nurse. What also helps a lot is that Luciana (13 years old) is a very calm and educated young lady who helps too. Now who gives the family quite some work is little Tiago (7 years). He is the clown of the house, makes sure everyone has a laugh regularly and is the one Davi needs to correct frequently. Luciana, tiago and vitor all go to school. Vitor is also doing a vocational course to become a nurse. Slowly the Afonso family starts to look like any other happy family.


If you take in mind that Davi works 40 hours and takes care of his family, it is almost impossible to think he is able to do University in the evening. But he is doing this and he is doing well. So far he passed almost all exams. If Davi has difficulty with a certain subject he asks help from his colleauges. His social abilities help him in all his difficulties.

Financial overview

 Expenses (until July 2015)Euros
School Materials€97.01
Electrics / Gas / internet / telephone€46.22
Furniture and Kitchen Equipment€420.64


Saldo Donations (july 2015)Euros

Since Davi is supported by a large number of individual donors we like to transparently share the financial situation. In the below overview we show the expenses that have been covered by donations and current saldo of the donations. Expenses that Davi pays from his own salary are not included.

There is a positive reserve which has been build up last year when a benefit party in the Netherlands raised a great amount of money. Currently we receive approximately 330 euros per month. The monthly fixed expenses lay a little higher 340 euros. A few months ago we had monthly donations of 550 euros. Some people had to stop their monthly payments for personal reasons. This trend is somewhat concerning. We have a nice buffer but if this declining trend continues we will have a problem sooner or later.
With all the financial support, the income of both Davi and Vitor the budget is still pretty tight. Rio de Janeiro has European prices, inflation is incredibly high and any extraordinary expenses that are needed in the house for education, healthcare will cut in the savings. Therefore we will continue to raise funds to make sure that in the coming years while Davi and siblings finish their studies and can generate serious income they have our support.
Once again in name of the Afonso family we like to thank all the donors which has realized a dream of an entire Brazilian family.

How to support this family

If you want to support Davi you can donate online via the following link:

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All donations are entirely used for the family!