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16 ago

(English) Brazilian foods you must try while in Brazil »

(English) Brazil has an incredible cusine with lots of delicious foods and drinks you can't find anywhere else in the world.

31 jul

(English) Life-changing experience with Mais Caminhos »

(English) James spent a few weeks working as a volunteer in Rio de Janeiro with Mais Caminhos and felt like his life was changed forever.

18 jul

(English) You know what they say: Every Carnaval has its end… »

(English) Demi Lammers is leaving Rio de Janeiro and after learning so much living in a different place, she's sharing her last experiences and impressions with us.

22 jun

(English) Brave Kids 2017 – Six kids of Mais Caminhos went to Poland »

(English) In June, six kids of Mais Caminhos were sent to Europe to spend a month in Slovakia and Poland for the Brave Kids Festival.

02 jun

(English) Little Impressions of Rio! »

(English) Amy Shia came to Rio and experienced the life Cariocas have here. So now she's sharing her impressions with us about the stuff she picked up while staying in the city.

17 may

03 may

(English) Every day a new adventure in Rio! »

(English) Demi is feeling like a true carioca now.

22 abr

(English) Brazilian fruits and where to buy them in Rio »

(English) There are more than 300 fruits from Brazil. In this text you will learn about some of them and see the best places to buy traditional Brazilian fruits in Rio de Janeiro.

12 abr

(English) First impressions of Brazil and cultural differences »

(English) In this article, Demi shows her point of view of a foreigner from Holland moving to Brazil for the first time to work as an intern at Caminhos Language Centre.

14 mar

(English) Best beaches in Rio de Janeiro »

(English) Here's a list of the 5 best beaches in the state of Rio de Janeiro for you to visit while in Rio.

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