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Brazil is famous for its cachaça, the national beverage. Cachaça is a distilled alcoholic drink made from fermented sugarcane juice. Watch teacher Deise’s video and learn everything about the Cachaça. However, the South Region of Brazil is also popular for its local wineries, vineyards, and production of the best Brazilian wines.

Even though Brazilian wines are still not so eminent on an international scale, the quality of the national production has been increasing as years go by.

Despite the vast majority of Brazilian wine coming from the South of Brazil, there are also some vineyards along Bahia, São Paulo, and Mato Grosso states. Speaking of vineyards and wineries, the Bento Gonçalves and the Serra Gaúcha regions of Brazil are known for wine tourism, with a few wineries opened for visitation and wine tasting. 

The best Brazilian wines

Casa Valduga brazilian wines

Casa Valduga ‘Leopoldina’ Terroir Merlot

The grapes used to make this wine comes 100% from the Vale dos Vinhedos region, famous for its vineyards and wineries. The grapes used are black and of very good maturity; the tannins adhere to the palate, and the acidity is very juicy. Moreover, it is a great generous wine.

A 750ml bottle costs from R$80 to R$100.

lidio carraro Vinos brasileñosLidio Carraro Grande Vindima Merlot

Aromas of intense ripe fruit, spices, prune, leather, cocoa, and a touch of mint. Full-bodied, consistent, and ripe tannins and excellent balance in the mouth. Furthermore, it goes well with complex and robust dishes, such as venison, barbecue, pasta, and risottos served with spicy sauces and aged cheeses.

A 750ml bottle costs from R$180 to R$240.

vale da pedra vinhos brasileirosGuaspari Vale da Pedra Red

This wine comes from the highlands of São Paulo. Aged nine months in French oak, the grapes come from vineyards that sit at 900-1200 meters altitude on granite soils. This wine also presents a beautiful ruby red color, with aromas of red fruits, spices, and coffee. Its palate is pleasant, medium-bodied, with lively acidity and soft tannins.

A 750ml bottle costs around R$110.

geisse vinos brasileñosGeisse ‘Cave Geisse’ Extra Brut

This sparkling wine is half chardonnay and half pinot noir, aged for three years on the lees with 20-year-old vines. It is a crisp and refreshing extra brut, full of vitality. The fruity notes are mixed with the spicy ones and the bubbles are abundant, fine, and pointed. Complex and creamy, it also has a good balance between acidity and sugar.

A 750ml bottle costs around R$140.

pizzato chardonnay brazilian winePizzato Chardonnay

The grapes come from a selection of the best barracks of the strain in the Santa Lucia area in the Vale dos Vinhedos. This wine does not age in barrels, making this a good opportunity to taste the austere style in its purity and firmness in acidity. The acidity is fruity and firm, but mostly herbal.

A 750ml bottle costs from R$80 to R$110.

Wineries and vineyards to visit in Brazil

If you enjoy wine tourism and want to visit some vineyards and taste some Brazilian wines, there are great options of wineries in Brazil that offer tours and special events.


miolo vinícola vinhos brasileirosMiolo is one of the largest producers of Brazilian wines. Located in Bento Gonçalves, in the Rio Grande do Sul state, the Miolo winery is a mega-complex that includes a vineyard, wine factory, restaurant, and hotel. A traditional tour includes guided visits by trained winemakers and a wine tasting.

The visitation occurs from Monday to Saturday and there is no need for a reservation. Moreover, you can contact them at visita@miolo.com.br.

Address: RS 444, Km 21 – Vale dos Vinhedos, Bento Gonçalves, Rio Grande do Sul.

Marco Luigi

marco luigi winery brazilian winesEven though this is a small winery, the Marco Luigi company offers a great tour with beautiful wine caves to visit. A guided tour costs R$50 and offers wine tasting as well. A special tour is also available, followed by a harmonized tasting with assorted bread and cheese. Moreover, you can experience a romantic picnic in the vineyards with the sparkling wine of your choice. 

For more information, contact +55 54 99205-2687.

Address: Linha Vale dos Vinhedos, s/n – Bento Gonçalves, Rio Grande do Sul.

Casa Valduga

casa valduga vinos brasileños lagarCasa Valduga offers not only a guided visit through its vineyards, winemaking, and caves but also courses on wine history, ratings, service techniques, tasting, and harmonization. A special night visit promises an exclusive experience followed by a nice diner at the property. For the regular tour, each visitor gets to take home an exclusive wine glass. Contact Casa Valduga at cursos@casavalduga.com.br.

Address: Via Trento, 2355 – Vale dos Vinhedos, Bento Gonçalves, Rio Grande do Sul.

Vinícola Peterlongo

valduga vinicola vinhos brasileirosA tour through Peterlongo Vineyard allows you to pick grapes from the vines, and visit a museum, underground cave, wine tanks, and more. There is a stone castle on the property, built in 1930, in which you can visit and have a picnic right beside it. Ask for more information at varejo@peterlongo.com.br.

Address: Rua Manoel Peterlongo Filho, 216 – Champanhe, Garibaldi, Rio Grande do Sul.


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