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Flirting in another language might be tricky. And if you are single in Brazil, hanging around and meeting new people, you may want to know your ways around flirting in Portuguese. 

So, if you are interested in a Brazilian and want them to know that, here are some tips and basic vocabulary to help you flirting in Portuguese with your Brazilian crush.

Dating in Brazil

Leave The Stereotypes Behind

If this is your first time in Brazil, you must forget about what foreign media has being portraying about Brazilians out there. 

Brazilians are very nice and they like to meet new people. That does not mean they are into you right away. So, be nice, try to get to know them, start a conversation… And after you know they are really into you, then you can make a move.

Personal Display of Affection

What might seem like PDA for you is just normal for Brazilians. Holding hands, hugging, kissing, and exchanging affection in public are very common things in Brazil. Furthermore, Brazilians are very a physical people. If you do not share these kinds of gestures with them, they will think you are cold and distant.

If you are not comfortable sharing PDA, just explain it is not part of your culture and they will probably understand.

Do not be afraid

Social gatherings and parties are the best places to flirt with other people. Do not be afraid of approaching someone. If they are not interested, they will let you know that. So, go for it and give it a try — introduce yourself, try to make small talks, and get to know them.


Brazilians have no problem kissing people the first time they meet. Just make sure the other person is on the same page as you before moving on. Be respectful and go for it! Sometimes it only takes 5 minutes, sometimes it takes longer.

ligar en portugues

Vocabulary – Flirting in Portuguese


To flirt with someone. You may also use: xavecar, flertar, dar em cima.


Laís está paquerando Marcelo. (Laís is flirting with Marcelo.)
João xavecou Maria na praia. (João flirted with Maria on the beach.)
Eu flertei com uma menina na festa. (I flirted with a girl at the party.)
Gabriela dá em cima de Pedro todo dia. (Gabriela hits on Pedro every day.)


A crush. Someone you like. You may also use the word paixonite. Recently, Brazilians started to call their crush, contatinho. It means someone you text sometimes and maybe hook up with.


José é minha nova paquera. (José is my new crush.)
Acho que Túlio tem uma paixonite em Paula. (I think Túlio has a crush on Paula.)
Não tenho nenhum contatinho para sair comigo no sábado. (I do not have any crush to go out with me on Saturday.)


Also called xaveco. It is the pick up line you use to try to seduce someone. 


Passei uma cantada em Joana e funcionou. Estamos namorando. (I’ve used a pick up line with Joana and it worked. We are dating now.)
Rafaela usou um xaveco em Mário. (Rafaela used a pick up line with Mário.)


To be in a serious relationship with someone.

Example: Fabiana namora com Gustavo. (Fabiana is dating Gustavo./Fabiana is in a serious relationship with Gustavo.)


To be in a casual relationship with someone. It can also be used to talk about hooking up with someone once or a few times.

Example: Hugo e eu ficamos no domingo. (Hugo and I hooked up on Sunday.)






Somone you are hooking up with/hanging out with. A casual date. You may also call it: rolo, caso, lance.


Júlia é minha ficante. (I am casually dating Júlia.)
Tenho um rolo com Vânia. (I have a thing with Vânia.)
Ana está de caso com Carlos. (Ana is having a thing with Carlos.)
Dani e Jorge estão tendo um lance. (Dani and Jorge are having a thing.)


A date.

Example: Chamei Léo para um encontro em Ipanema. (I’ve asked Léo out on a date in Ipanema.)

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Phrases for Flirting in Portuguese

Oi, sumido/sumida. (Hey. Long time no see.)

Você vem sempre aqui? (Do you come here often?)

Posso te pagar uma bebida? (Can I buy you a drink?)

Podemos conversar um pouco? (Can we talk a bit?)

O que você gosta de fazer? (What do you like to do for fun?)

Você está acompanhado/acompanhada? (Are you here with someone?)

Você tem namorado/namorada? (Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?)

Você é muito bonita/bonito. (You are very pretty/handsome.)

Você quer dançar? (Do you want to dance?)

Quer sair comigo? (Do you want to go out with me?)

Quero te conhecer melhor. (I would like to get to know you better.)

Posso te beijar? (Can I kiss you?)

Quero te ver de novo. (I want to see you again.)


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