With people’s rush lives nowadays, it can be difficult to find time to go to a school and learn a new language. At the same time, knowing a second language is increasingly important, not only for traveling and meeting new people but also for better jobs and better placement in the job market.

Learn languages on the internet can be very easy, there are lots of content online, as well as apps and technology that help a lot.

Learn 5 ways to learn a new language online:

  1. Apps

There are a lot of good apps where you learn grammar, vocabulary and improving listening and speaking skills. Vidalingua, for example, is a company focused to create apps for people to learn languages. You can download apps to learn French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian and Japanese. Besides that, they also have translations apps that can help you every day. The apps are free and offer tons of exercises, lessons and games to help you with your learning.

Another option is Duolingo, which is one of the most used language-learning apps worldwide. Duolingo gives you points when getting the exercises right, has specific lessons for listening, speaking and reading skills. It makes you learn while having fun!

  1. Skype Lessons

If you don’t have time to go to a school and have difficulty learning languages by yourself, you may need an instructor anyway. Better way to have access to a professional teacher, in this case, is Skype lessons. Technology nowadays can make everything easier. You not only can see and listen to your teacher but also share your screen, write on the chat board and share files. 

Caminhos Language Centre teaches Portuguese to foreigners and offers private Skype lessons with a college graduate Brazilian teacher. The teacher will customize a class specifically for your needs, including topics of things you want to talk and learn about. They will give you homework, listening and writing exercises, as well as showing you videos.

Just like Caminhos, there are lots of schools around the world that can teach you languages online, with a private teacher via Skype. For instance, if you want to learn English, LOI English is a good choice; Scuola Leonardo da Vinci is for those looking for Italian lessons; and Voilà to learn French.

  1. Music and Movies

If you already have a basic knowledge of a foreign language, try listening to music and watch films in that language. Start watching movies in the original audio, with subtitles of your choice. After you feel more comfortable, try subtitles in the languages you are learning. And after you are getting fluent, ditch the subtitles at all. This will help you train your ears and give you more vocabulary.

Same goes for music, look for famous singers that speak the language you are learning. Search for the lyrics online and try to get the correct pronunciation of the words. Look for the meaning of words you don’t know and start to learn while having fun!

  1. Online Chats

Make friends with people all over the world and practice your new language with them. Lots of people still use online chats and this is a great opportunity to improve your writing skills. You can even help other people learn your native language; you can share tips and help with each other’s doubts. Just search for online chats on Google and you will find lots of options, just look for the one that better suits your needs and interests.

  1. YouTube

YouTube is a great tool for everything you can think of. There are a lot of great channels focused to teach languages to people, as well as random videos with exercises, tips, common doubts and mistakes and much more. On YouTube, you can also find channels of people who are also learning new languages and probably have the same struggles as you. It’s good not only to learn new content but also find friends that share the same interest in learning a specific language.


Now that you know it’s possible to learn a new language at home using your phone or computer, go for it! Spare a couple of hours in your day to study, be focused, organized and don’t give up. Make the best of the technology and use it in your favor. You can do it!


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