The first thing you are probably going to do once you arrive in Brazil is greeting people. So, learning to say «hi», «how are you», and «nice to meet you» in Portuguese is extremely important if you have no knowledge of the language. 

Brazilians are very nice people and they will probably do their best to understand you even if you do not speak the same language. However, learning a few basic sentences in Portuguese will show them you care and that you are trying to be nice to them.

On our blog, we already taught you how to say «thank you» in Portuguese. It is time to learn how to greet people and say «nice to meet you» in Portuguese as well.

How to Say «Nice to Meet You» in Portuguese


This is the shorter and most common way to say «nice to meet you» in Portuguese. It can be translated to English as «pleasure», a short version for «pleasure to meet you», as seen below.

– Oi, Alice, esta é minha amiga Paula. (Hi, Alice, this is my friend Paula.)
– Prazer. (Nice to meet you.)

Muito prazer

You may add the word ‘muito’, which means ‘a lot’ in front of the word ‘prazer’ to intensify it.

– Oi. Eu sou sua nova professora de português. (Hi. I’m your new Portuguese teacher.)
– Muito prazer. (Nice to meet you.)

Prazer em te conhecer

The longer version of the expression «Prazer». Brazilians will use this often. It literally means «pleasure to meet you».

– Obrigada pela aula. Prazer em te conhecer. (Thank you for the class. It was a pleasure to meet you.)
– O prazer é todo meu. (The pleasure was mine.)

Prazer em conhecê-lo

Not a lot of Brazilians will talk like this on a daily basis, but you may hear it in formal situations, as well as in writing. 

– Olá, Marcelo. Eu sou o novo diretor da empresa. (Hello, Marcelo. I’m the new director of the company.)
– Prazer em conhecê-lo, Sr. Almeida. (Nice to meet you, Mr. Almeida.)

More Meet & Greet Vocabulary in Portuguese

What’s your name?Qual é o seu nome?
My name is…Meu nome é…
Nice to meet youPrazer em te conhecer
How are you?Como vai? / Tudo bem?
See you laterAté mais

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