Some Portuguese words are so hard to pronounce that even Brazilians have some difficulties with them. It is almost impossible to say them without hesitating or stutter at least once.

A few months ago, we have published a blog article about some Portuguese words hard to pronounce. Words like Pão and Avô might be a bit complicated for foreigners to say. However, these are words you will still use in your daily life in Brazil. In the end, it is worth it to make an effort and learn the proper sound for them.

In this post, however, we are talking about Portuguese words you will rarely use on a daily basis. Still, it is nice to know them. If not to use them in a sentence, at least to challenge your friends who are also learning Portuguese.


Paving stone or cobblestone. It is not common to find this kind of bricks in major cities in Brazil. However, if you visit small historical towns such as Paraty or Ouro Preto, you will see them more often.


It is the doctor who is specialized in treating disorders of the ear, nose, and throat. 

Ok, so… It is a common doctor. Everyone visits this kind of specialist once in a while. Why would we rate it as one of the Portuguese words you will never use?

Because the word is so long, Brazilians usually refer to this doctor as «Otorrino.» Much easier.



Houaiss dictionary registered this word in 2001. With 46 letters, it is officially the longest word in the Portuguese language. It describes the individual who has a lung disease caused by the inspiration of volcanic ash.

Well, there are no volcanos in Brazil. Even so, Brazilians love to challenge friends to see who can pronounce it without hesitating. Let us know what is the longest word in your native language in the comments down below.


Even the meaning of this word is kind of hard to understand. There is something to do with: if a new constitution is set, it does not mean the old constitution is automatically revoked. Politics, am I right? Ugh!

We are sure you can use easier words with the same meaning if you ever need to talk about this topic during a conversation.


Trogloditas are people who live in caves. In Brazil, we use this word as slang to call out rude people with no manners whatsoever.

The fact is there are SO many great words and slang in Portuguese! Especially to talk about rude people! So, be creative and avoid having to roll your Rs. 


It means decomposition or rotting. You can easily say Decomposição instead of Putrefação. However, that annoying nasal sound is still there. Just say Apodrecimento and you are good to go!


So, have you ever used one of these words in a conversation? Have you ever heard a Brazilian friend saying them? Well, we do think these are Portuguese words you will never use, to be honest. Let us know if you have any trouble pronouncing any other words.

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