For Davi and siblings 2015 has been a fantastic year. Let’s catch up with Davi by looking back at his year in 2015 and look forward to 2016.

How do you look back at 2015?

Well, when I look back to 2015 I see a year of achievements. First of all, I got into university and my first year has been very successful. I passed nine of my ten subjects. The second great achievement was getting custody over my siblings and the third achievement was securing a house for our entire family to live in.

We celebrated all these achievements in an amazing house warming party that was one of my favorite moments of this last year. With my brothers and sisters we invited our friends from Casa do Caminho, work, school and some old volunteers. There was an incredible ambiance and everybody was happy for us.

How has been the home situation over the past year?

First I want to say that everything is going well and we have a good atmosphere at home. We have achieved good stability. In terms of education all except from Luciano had a successful year at school. I am beginning my third period at university, Vitor is finishing his final year at school, Luciano still has three years to finish school, and Luciana is now in her last year at primary school. Tiago our youngest still has many years of school in front of him. He is now in his second year of primary school.

Do you have contact with your mother?

My mother had some mental health issues when I returned to Brazil at the end of 2014 and we tried to help her to get quality health care. Unfortunately in May she has disappeared, and this is not the first time. We are all trying to find my mother. Sadly, we haven’t had any contact with her ever since.


What are the plans for next year?

Tiago – We want to place him in integral school. This means a place where he studies in the morning and does activities in the afternoon. At the moment he is only going to school in the mornings. This leaves him unoccupied in the afternoons.

For Luciana – we are looking into an apprenticeship for young adolescents called «Jovem Aprendiz». In Jovem Aprendiz, Luciana will have the chance to learn a profession and often the company pays for quality vocational training. It’s even possible that Luciana will earn a stipend.

Vitor is already eighteen and is close to finishing high school and finised a vocational course to become a nurse. He has not decided yet what he will do next year but he is thinking about moving to São Paulo for his last year of school. São Paulo is the largest city in Brazil and there is much more opportunity for work there.

Luciano is 16 and has decided to look for his father. He never knew his father, but last week he did a DNA test which had a positive result. Although Luciano had a difficult year at school and will have to repeat the year, he is committed to trying his best this new year.

And I – Davi – made it through my first year at University! In February, I will start my second year and I’m motivated to do well. I like my job at the Caminhos Language Centre a lot. Also I am looking after my brothers/sister as best as I can.

How about your job at the Caminhos Language Centre?

I really enjoy my job at the Caminhos Language Centre as the tour guide. It is a great way to connect with people from across the globe, meet other cultures and practice my Dutch and English. It’s also a good opportunity for me to learn more about Rio.

The most exciting thing about my job is the great vibe at the school. I get along really well with the students and my colleagues!

Again, Davi and his siblings would like to thank everyone for the financial support that has made all this possible!!


Expenses  2015Euro
Rent€ 3.300,00
School Materials€ 114,75
Electrics / Gas / internet / telephone€ 46,22
Furniture and Kitchen Equipment€ 420,64
other€ 3,64
Total€ 3.885,25
Saldo Donations Euro
Total€ 7.783,64


Davi and his family are financially supported by the Caminhos Language Centre and a large number of individual donors across the globe. Contact us if you like to support Davi or other Brazilian teenagers.