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If you are learning Portuguese, listening to Brazilian music is a great way to practice your listening and learn new vocabulary. Also, if you want to make Brazilian friends, it is great to know the most played Brazilian songs in recent years.

Music-wise, Brazil is probably known for its Bossa Nova and Samba. But in recent years, the genres of music that have been played the most are definitely Sertanejo and Brazilian Funk. 

Sertanejo is Brazilian country music. It’s been the most played genre in Brazil for decades, but lately, it became more popular due to a subgenre called Sertanejo Universitário, or college country music. It’s basically country music played by young artists, with lots of acoustic beats and usually faster than the traditional Sertanejo genre. Sertanejo Universitário got this name because it became really popular among young people during university parties and concerts.

Brazilian Funk reached international visibility because of singer Anitta, who now has a solid international career. Carioca funk is music for the nightclubs, making everyone feel like dancing.

That being said, nowadays all you see in lists of most played Brazilian songs are Sertanejo and Brazilian Funk.

Let’s check some of the most played Brazilian songs in recent years.

Brazilian songs recent years

Sertanejo – most played Brazilian songs in recent years:

Chitãozinho & Xororó – Evidências

Evidências is a Sertanejo song released in 1990. Even though it is not a recent song, it is still very popular all across Brazil. People of all ages know the full lyrics and it is probably the most popular song in karaoke bars around Brazil.

Jads & Jadson – Jeito Carinhoso

Sertanejo duo Jads & Jadson have recorded that song in 2013, getting instant success at the beginning of that year. In 2015, though, group Bom Gosto re-recorded the song changing its genre to Pagode. Jeito Carinhoso came back to the radio stations as a huge success all over again.

Marília Mendonça – Todo Mundo Vai Sofrer 

Marília Mendonça is known as the Queen of Sofrência, a subgenre of Sertanejo Music. The songs in this genre usually talk about people suffering because of their significant others.

Jenifer – Gabriel Diniz

Unfortunately, just after breaking all music charts with his song Jenifer, Gabriel Diniz was involved in a plane crash and died in 2019. Jenifer was a big hit during the Carnaval season that same year.

Jorge & Mateus – Propaganda

Jorge & Mateus are one of the most loved Sertanejo duos in Brazil. Everyone knows their songs, their concerts are always sold out and people love to sing along with them!

Zé Neto & Cristiano – Notificação Preferida

Notificação Preferida is a song from 2018. The subject of this song is one of the most favorite for Sertanejo songs: getting over a relationship, love, and breakups.

Brazilian songs recent years 2

Brazilian Funk – most played Brazilian songs in recent years:

Anitta – Show das Poderosas

Show das Poderosas was released in 2013. Its official music video on YouTube has already more than 156 million views. Today, Anitta is more like a pop singer in general, rather than just a Brazilian Funk singer.

Anitta – Vai Malandra

Another big hit for Anitta. Vai Malandra also features MC Zaac, American rapper Maejor, Brazilian producers Tropkillaz and DJ Yuri Martins.

Pedro Sampaio – Sentadão

Pedro Sampaio released this song in 2019. It soon became one of the most played songs on the radio, reaching the second position in the Spotify ranking in Brazil.

Ludmilla – Hoje

You will feel like dancing the second you listen to Hoje, released in 2014.

Anitta, Lexa, Luisa Sonza, and MC Rebecca – Combatchy

This song features four of the most popular Brazilian Funk singers from nowadays. It was a huge success online because lots of digital influencers used this song as a background for makeup videos on Instagram.

Pabllo Vittar – K.O.

Pabllo Vittar is a Brazilian drag queen and singer of lots of big hits in Brazil in recent years. K.O. has 354 million viewers on YouTube.

Musicas brasileiras recentes

Apart from Sertanejo and Brazilian Funk:

Felipe Araújo ft. Ferrugem – Atrasadinha

The genre of this song is Pagode, another Brazilian music genre very popular in Brazil, a subgenre of Samba. Pagode is also always among most played Brazilian songs every season.

Haikaiss ft. Projota – Pra Te Convencer

Projota is a famous rapper in Brazil and Haikaiss is a hip-hop and rap group. This song, Pra Te Convencer, is one of the most played Brazilian rap songs in 2020.

Tim Maia – Não Quero Dinheiro (Só Quero Amar)

According to União Brasileira dos Compositores (Brazilian Union of Songwriters), this song has been in the Top 100 most played Brazilian song for years. Tim Maia died in 1998, but people from all generations still know and love his songs. He was responsible for introducing soul and funk music into the Brazilian Popular Music (Musica Popular Brasileira, or MPB) genre.

Vitor Kley – O Sol

One of the most played songs in radio stations in the last year. Vitor Kley plays pop music with a relaxed vibe, also influenced by reggae and surf music.

Ferrugem – Pirata e Tesouro

Another very popular pagode song in recent years.


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