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Now that you have learned about the most played Brazilian songs in recent years, how about discovering great Brazilian songs to learn Portuguese with music?

Caminhos has created playlists on Spotify for each level of Portuguese. This way, you can improve the language and sing along! Check our profile on Spotify.

Check some of those songs and how they can help you to practice and learn Portuguese with music.

Silva ft. Anitta – Fica Tudo Bem

This is a calm slow song, the words are well pronounced and it is easy to understand the vocabulary. The entire song presents infinitive verbs, which are easier to comprehend before jumping into conjugations. The song itself is an advice someone is giving to a friend about getting back with an ex-girlfriend.

Tom Jobim – Garota de Ipanema

If you love Rio and the Brazilian culture, you must learn how to sing Garota de Ipanema. This is a classic song that made Ipanema known worldwide. It talks about a beautiful girl who used to walk around the Ipanema neighborhood, going to the beach. The vocabulary is also easy and simple and most of the verbs in the song are in the present tense (Presente do Indicativo) in Portuguese.

Exaltassamba – Me Apaixonei pela Pessoa Errada

You can study a lot of Present Continuous (Presente Contínuo) in Portuguese with this song. Check this blog post and learn more about the Present Continuous. The genre for Me Apaixonei Pela Pessoa Errada is pagode, which makes it a fun song to sing along and dance.

Seu Jorge – Amiga da Minha Mulher

This samba is about a guy who has a romantic interest in his wife’s friend. In addition to that, there are some popular expressions in Portuguese worth learning, such as “Pois é”, “Qual é”, “Dar mole”, among others. Here you can see examples of the present tense, past tense, and subjunctive in Portuguese. 

Kid Abelha – Grand’ Hotel

This song talks about what people could have done in a relationship before it ended.  It uses the subjunctive really well with different verbs. It’s a great way of practicing for those students who usually struggle with this conjugation.

Gabriel, o Pensador – 2,3,4,5,6,7,8

As a Rap song, this will be hard for you to understand if your Portuguese level is basic. But if you are advanced, this song is great for practicing your listening skills, as well as learn different slang. The song is about a guy trying to find a date for the weekend, there is a lot of vocabulary for sex.

Legião Urbana – Quase Sem Querer 

Quase Sem Querer is a song about love. It uses different verb tenses throughout the whole song, including Present, Simple Past (Pretérito perfeito) e Past Continuous (Pretérito Imperfeito). 

Lulu Santos – Certas Coisas

The first verse of Certas Coisas uses Conditional verb forms and sentences, which is great because a lot of students have difficulty with how to use it properly.

Roberto Carlos – Do Fundo Do Meu Coração

Some might say this is a sad song – it’s about breakups, loneliness, and painful relationships. It presents verbs in the Simple Past (Pretérito Perfeito), infinitive verbs, and also the Imperative Mood (Modo Imperativo) in Portuguese. 


If you are interested to learn more about verbs, other Portuguese tips, and lessons, check this category on our blog and read the past articles. In those articles, you will find great material and exercises for you to practice.

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