Working in a Brazilian company, you might need to learn some Portuguese business expressions in order to better communicate with your colleagues. 

When talking about the corporate world, many expressions are used worldwide, such as B2B, benchmarking, CRM, networking, SWOT, trainee, and others. These expressions are also used in English when talking about business in Brazil.

However, there are many other important words and expressions that have their corresponding translation in Brazilian Portuguese. Therefore, it is very important for you to learn these Portuguese business expressions if you are working in the business world in Brazil.

expressões de negócios em português vocabulárioSo, let’s learn a few words and Portuguese business expressions you will certainly use when working in Brazil or working in a Brazilian company. Here is some business vocabulary in Portuguese:



A representative sheet of the assets and liabilities of a commercial company. Fazer balanço means to check the economic and financial situation of the company. That includes profits and loss survey.


Any asset capable of generating revenue for the company. It doesn’t only means money, but also financial investments, stocks, and assets that can be invested.


The total income of a company. The income before any expenses are taken out.

Fluxo de Caixa

The cash flow. It indicates the origin of the money being transferred into a business, as well as the money that has been taken out.

Gestão and Gerente

Gestão is the management of a company. Gerente is the person responsible for managing an organization.


The interest cost of borrowed capital.


The leader. Someone who has authority and power to lead other members of a team.


Profitability. Indicates the percentage of the gain obtained on sales made. Do not confuse it with Rentabilidade.


The amount calculated when income exceeds the expenses in a company.


Matriz is the parent company, the headquarters of an organization.

The Filial is an office that follows its own direction but is subordinated to the parent company.

Franquia is a store or office that owns the right to sell a company’s products or services using said company’s name.


The product sold by a company.


The business itself. An organization engaged in commercial, industrial, or professional activities. It can also mean organized efforts to produce and sell goods and services for profit.


Orçamento is a financial planning. It includes forecasting revenue and expenses over a period of time in order to measure how much money a company should spend.

Planejamento Estratégico

Evaluation of the potential of a business, linking objectives and actions to achieve the company’s goal.

Plano de Marketing

A marketing tool that aligns market diagnosis, SWOT analysis, marketing objectives and strategies, marketing budget, and performance measurement.


An amount translated into currency. This value is essential to develop a pricing strategy.


Any loss that reduces the total income. Prejuízo financeiro means a company spent more than its income.


The results obtained by a company. It is usually judged in connection with the number of people and the number of resources necessary to reach a goal.


A particular group of people to which an advertisement, product, or service is directed to.


Receita is the amount of money received through the sales of a company’s products or services.


Indicates the percentage of the capital invested in the company. It is the economic success of a company in relation to the capital invested in it. Do not confuse it with Luratividade.


Gathering of people to deal with any subject, to discuss ideas, goals, and objectives concerning the workplace.


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