22 May

Caminhos Language Centre can help you with your student visa for Brazil if you want to come to Rio de Janeiro to study Portuguese. The process is complicated but easy, and almost no one gets their student visa declined.

In order for Caminhos to send you the necessary documents you need to apply for your student visa for Brazil, you need to book your course with us and follow the steps below. Remember that if you are staying in Brazil for less than 3 months, you can study Portuguese with your tourist visa, so no need to bother with the bureaucratic process. But if you are planning on staying in Brazil for a longer period, you can choose to study with Caminhos for 6 months or 1 year and we can help you with your student visa for Brazil.

Before checking what you need to do to get your visa, make sure you plan your trip in advance so you have time.

How to get your student visa for Brazil

STEP 1. Look up the Embassy of Brazil (or Brazilian Consulate) in your country and find out the requirements for obtaining a Student Visa for Brazil. Every country is different and has different paperwork requirements.

STEP 2. Look at the Portuguese courses Caminhos offers and advise us how long you would like to study. We have a 6-months or 1-year plan for you. You can check our prices here. It’s also good to do our level test so that our teachers can assess your level of Portuguese.

STEP 3. Book and pay for your course (Caminhos require full payment before releasing notarized documents) via our website How To Pay page. Email your receipt of payment to info@caminhosbrasil.com and include the following details:

  1. Your full name
  2. Your assessed level of Portuguese
  3. The courses and dates you would like to start
  4. Passport number
  5. Address for documents to be sent to you (including postcode and contact phone number)

STEP 4. Caminhos staff will organize the following two documents and send them via DHL to you with a tracking number:

  1. Invitation/acceptance letter
  2. Notarized letter (“Alvará de Funcionamento”)

STEP 5. Once you have received your documents, you will need to visit the Embassy of Brazil in your country. Please make sure you read the information on their website properly and prepare all of the documents prior to your appointment. Every Embassy is different, but here is a list of the most common documents you are likely to need:

  1. Passport — must be valid for your length of stay in Brazil, with at least one blank double page for the Brazilian Visa
  2. Two recent passport photos
  3. Birth certificate
  4. Application form and receipts of taxes paid
  5. Full police check official certificate (some countries require Full fingerprint police check)
  6. Personal declaration that you have had no criminal offenses over the past 5 years
  7. Evidence of sufficient bank funds – print a copy of your bank account statement
  8. Caminhos Invitation/Acceptance letter
  9. Caminhos Notarised letter (Alvará de Funcionamento)

student visa for brazilAfter you arrive in Brazil and go through immigration, you will be told that you have 90 days to register with the Federal Police of Brazil (Polícia Federal). Caminhos can also help with that and give you all the information and support you need when you are here, so don’t worry.

If you are on a Tourist Visa and would like to change to a Student Visa for Brazil, it is possible now to do this within Brazil. You will just need to go to the Federal Police. The documents from Caminhos can be arranged very quickly once you enroll in your courses and the payment is made.

Please contact Caminhos if you need information on how to extend your student visa or change from a tourist visa to a student visa while already on Brazil. We can help you with that too.

What’s included in the price you pay if you take your student visa for Brazil with Caminhos Language Centre

6-months student visa for Brazil:

1-year student visa for Brazil:

You can take a few days of holidays whenever you want during the period of your student visa if you want to visit other places in Brazil. Just make sure to advise Caminhos in advance and let us know when you are coming back for classes.

Caminhos can always help you if you have any more doubts, so don’t hesitate to contact us whenever you need more details on Student Visa for Brazil.


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