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Some might say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Let’s say this is kind of true in Brazil. Even though Brazilians cherish their morning bread and coffee with all their hearts, they seem to think lunch is actually the most important meal of the day. So, a typical Brazilian breakfast might look just like a quick bite if you consider how important lunch is for Brazilians.

Breakfast vs. Lunch

Different from other countries, Brazilians tend to have a light snack for breakfast and a more fulfilling meal for lunch. For instance, having just a sandwich for lunch is a no-go in Brazil. A proper lunch must include a hot meal complete with carbohydrates, protein, and vegetables.

On the other hand, a typical Brazilian breakfast usually includes a crusty bread and either plain black coffee or a latte. That is the most common type of breakfast to have all around Brazil.

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Even though it is pretty common for most people to eat this every morning, there are other types of food that may also represent well a typical breakfast meal in Brazil. Check it out!

café da manhã brasileiro

A typical Brazilian breakfast


Bread is the most important item in a typical Brazilian breakfast. The most consumed type of bread in Brazil is the bread roll. This hard-crusted bread may be called Pão Francês, Pão de Sal, or Cacetinho, depending on the region you are in. Sliced bread is also common in Brazilian breakfasts. People use it to make grilled cheese or Misto Quente (grilled ham-and-cheese sandwich) all around the country.

desayuno brasileñoButter or margarine

Butter or margarine are often spread on the everyday bread Brazilians eat. 

Cheese and ham

Cheese, ham, and turkey slices are frequently found in a typical Brazilian breakfast. It is used as a filling for all kinds of bread.

Pão de queijo

Even though Pão de Queijo is a popular snack all around Brazil, it is mostly consumed in the state of Minas Gerais. Over there, Pão de Queijo is a cheap and ordinary bread sold in every bakery in town. In other places in Brazil, Pão de Queijo is also easily found, but it is not as common or affordable as the everyday Pão Francês.


Cuscuz de milho is a dish made of cornmeal. It is a very popular meal in the Northeast of Brazil, but rarely found in the South and Southeast regions. Cuscuz may be served plain, or with cheese, butter, sausages, etc.

Scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs are not as popular as a breakfast dish in Brazil as in other parts of the world. Nevertheless, some people still eat it in the morning. 


Tapioca is a flatbread made of cassava starch. It may be eaten plain with butter or topped with meat, cheese, eggs, condensed milk, or any other filling. Tapioca is a dish from the Northeast region of Brazil, however, it became popular all around the country. 

brazilian breakfast fruits in brazilFresh fruits

Fruit is a big deal in Brazil, as the country has a wide variety of native fruits. Easy to find in any supermarket and street fairs, fresh fruits are an important part of a Brazilian breakfast. The most common fruits eaten by Brazilians in the mornings are bananas and papayas.


Homemade cakes are also popular among Brazilians. The most traditional ones to eat in the mornings are cornmeal cake, ordinary vanilla cake, and orange cake.


Some people from the North and Northeast regions of Brazil often eat steamed manioc as a breakfast dish.


Corn flakes are popular among kids in Brazil, however, they are expensive and not a regular item in most households around the country.

Coffee or coffee with milk

Another must-have in a Brazilian breakfast is the black coffee. People drink it plain, with sugar, or with milk. Foreigners sometimes think it is weird that Brazilians drink coffee in such a small cup. That is mostly because the coffee in Brazil is very strong and a small quantity is enough to get you ready for the day.


Some Brazilians drink plain milk for breakfast, but others prefer to add sugar to their morning milk.

Chocolate milk 

Chocolate powder is very common among children in Brazil, mixed with milk for a delicious drink.

cafe da manha no brasilFreshly squeezed juice

As we have mentioned before, fruits are abundant in Brazil. Freshly squeezed juice is an ordinary drink in every household. Brazilians drink orange, mango, pineapple, cashew, and many other juices every day. For breakfast, it is also common to drink something called Vitamina. Vitaminas are fruit smoothies blended with milk and sugar or honey.


Fruit yogurts are popular in Brazil. Brazilians might drink it plain or eat it with granola for breakfast.


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