26 Mar

The whole world is willing to stay inside to prevent the new coronavirus pandemic to spread even further. Following campaigns such as #StayHome, people have to deal with an isolated life, which is not always easy.

After watching lots of TV and staring at the ceiling with no new activity to do, Caminhos is here to help you with different activities you could do while staying inside.

  1. Arts and crafts

It is time to let your creativity flow! Gather papers, scissors, color pencils, markers, buttons, pieces of fabric and try something new! From drawings to embroidery or patchwork, let your mind flow and create something beautiful!

  1. Board games

coronavirus pandemic lockdownIf you live with family, this is a special time to strengthen connections with the loved ones. Spend quality time with your significant other and your kids, doing fun activities together. It’s time for you to do stuff we usually forget because of our busy lives. Reunite with the family to play that fun board game around the dinner table. Bring that delicious snack and laugh out loud!

  1. Puzzles

There’s nothing better to spend time than solving a difficult puzzle during the coronavirus lockdown. It is possible to spend hours and hours a day trying to find that corner piece among thousand others. 

  1. Chores

what to do during lockdownSpend time by cleaning the house and organizing that wardrobe you’ve been meaning to. You are going to stay inside during the coronavirus pandemic, so better make your home that cozy place you are going to spend all your time during the next weeks. There’s nothing better to smell the cleanness and enjoy the peace of a tidy ambiance.

  1. Foreign Films

After a few days or weeks, you probably can’t stand watching TV anymore. So what about trying something different? Look for some good foreign films and learn about new cultures and customs. Forget about Hollywood for a while and give other productions a try. Caminhos has made a list of Brazilian movies you should watch. Some of them are available on Netflix! Time to make that popcorn and enjoy it!

  1. Home Office

activities to do at homeStay productive. If you are able to work from home, that’s great. Working from home means we can spend more quality time together with family and also good alone time. But don’t forget to keep doing your job the best way you can to keep the economy running! Let’s all do our part, being productive, thinking outside the box and hoping for a better future.

  1. Workout

Keep the mind and body connected. Blow off steam! Working out also helps to burn those extra calories you are probably getting – we are all eating more junk food since staying home, right?

  1. Online Classes

portuguese online classesKeep studying! Caminhos’ teachers have worked really hard to prepare great digital materials for you to continue your studies during the quarantine. We are using an amazing digital platform for Portuguese online classes and you can definitely learn Portuguese with the same efficiency as in a classroom! Book your classes now and give it a try! We are working hard for you to have the best experience possible. Studying online is a very productive way to spend your time at home. Contact us for further information!

Let’s beat the coronavirus pandemic together! Keep your mind healthy during the lockdown and have faith for better days!

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