Portuguese Translation Service

English, Spanish, German, or French to Portuguese Translation

We offer a quality and efficient Portuguese translation service at Caminhos Language Centre.

To request a quote, to obtain information on prices and terms, or for any other questions you may have about our Portuguese translation service, please send us a message to info@caminhosbrasil.com.

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Portuguese Translator – quality guaranteed

All our Portuguese translators are highly experienced university language graduates. Besides Portuguese translators we have qualified translators in English and Spanish.

For most of our clients there are four main considerations when selecting a translation service: type of service; quality of service; cost; and time scales for completion.
By gathering the right information from our clients to ensure we have all essential details, we use our expertise to ensure the correct translation solution is deployed by us to meet the objectives that were established with each client. We pride ourselves on providing a professional, high quality and reliable translation service.

We aim to provide translations that meet the quality expectations of all our customers. It is therefore important that you are able to give us clear information about the purpose of the translation and provide us with all details which you think are relevant to your translation request.

Translation work examples:

  • Website or blog translation;
  • Official document translation;
  • Curriculum Vitae (Resume);
  • Medical documents;
  • Employment contracts;
  • Other contracts.

Portuguese School

Besides our translation services we are the largest official Brazilian Portuguese language school in Rio de Janeiro. We offer a wide variety of private classes and group courses. Our group courses run for four hours per day, five days per week and we offer nine group levels: Begginer (A) to Advanced (C). We also offer group conversation classes. Private classes are tailored to your individual needs. For all our students we offer free daily after-class activities, which range from sports, hikes, dancing, cinema, parties and special events. It is also possible to volunteer at Caminhos. We are located in Ipanema, just four blocks from Ipanema Beach and five minutes’ walk from General Osório Metro Station. In addition, the school has its own on-site social programme – ‘Mais Caminhos’ – which supports underprivileged children from nearby favela neighbourhoods.

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