’Bate-Papo’ – Learn Portuguese in Brazil

bate papo learn portuguese in brazil


Every Tuesday we hold a Bate-Papo (casual conversation, or ‘chit-chat’) session for students who like to practise their Portuguese conversation skills in a fun way. Caminhos’ Bate-Papo is entirely free. Our Portuguese teacher will use topics, music and games to help stimulate the conversation, better enabling students to talk and think in Portuguese. What better way is there to learn Portuguese in Brazil by practising the language in conversation? Bate-Papo is a complementary activity for the Portuguese courses that are offered at the Caminhos Language Centre.

Language teachers and learners alike often consider speaking the most difficult aspect of language learning. At Caminhos Language Centre the entire school is focussed on stimulating conversation. The applied methodology – ‘the communicative approach’ – places emphasis on interaction between students and teachers as both the means and the ultimate goal of study. Our Bate-Papo session is one of the activities at the school that offers students exactly this.


When:Every Tuesday afternoon
Where: Caminhos Language Centre
Cost: Free!

Typical Bate-Papo activities to help our students to study Portuguese in Brazil

  • Discussions relating to current affairs and news stories
  • Singing and using music to stimulate the understanding of Brazilian Portuguese
  • The use of video for interactive games
  • Facilitating role plays in which students communicate with each other while the teacher moderates the conversation
  • Team games with a competitive element

Why choose Caminhos to Learn Portuguese in Brazil?

The Caminhos Language Centre is very popular: not only because of its success in teaching Portuguese to foreigners visitors from all over the world who come to Brazil for all manner of reasons, but also because of its great vibe and friendly atmosphere. The school is situated just four blocks from Ipanema Beach. Caminhos offers you the total Brazil experience by offering a broad range of free activities, tours, events and the opportunity to stay with Brazilian host families with our Homestay accommodation option. Caminhos spends 30% of its profits on on-site social projects, in which local underprivileged children and teenagers are offered a wide range of educational activities and support.


Check the actual Bate-Papo times in our Caminhos Activity Calendar.

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