Two years ago, Bart and Jascha decided to offer Davi the opportunity to participate in a fully paid annual exchange program in the Netherlands . In dream news 1 & dream news 2 we described in detail about his preparation in Brazil with Living Your Dream and upon his return, his amazing experience in the Netherlands. To see the extent of Davi’s experience, please watch the documentary below which was broadcast on Ditch National Television:


Davi’s plans to unite his family and study at the University


Davi returned to Brazil 10th August and is now facing some strong challenges. His dream is to unite his family and study at the University to become an Engineer. After Casa do Caminho Orphanage closed down a few months ago , Davi’s brothers and sister where split up and send to 2 different Orphanages. There was even a possibility that an unknown family would adopt his younger sister and brother. This was a shock for Davi who always took care of his siblings. Davi wrote the Judge a letter and further contacted the Judge by phone. The conversation was positive and in the next few weeks Davi will speak with the Juvenile Court in person.

The Juvenile Court will then determine whether Davi is capable of providing housing and care for his brothers and sister. We are not concerned that he will be seen as immature or irresponsible. The crucial factors will be providing housing and care for his family. If Davi starts working now, he will not be able to earn more than R$ 1500 per month. A two room apartment in some of the poorer areas of Rio, can easily cost up to R$1000. In this case, he would be working full time to barely sustain his family, without even being able to study at the University. Davi would be fully dedicating his life to a family he did not even create, even though we all know he would want to.

In the Netherlands, the people in the town Grootgenhout got to know this wonderful story and wanted to help Davi. So Recently, a fundraising concert was organized , as was commented in dream news 2.

Charity Concert in the Netherlands

The results of this Fundraiser where astonishing. Two hundred people united at an open-air concert with an incredible vibe. To read more about the event, read Dream news 2.  The results of the event are as follows:


Entrance tickets + Admin costs printing flyers, leaflets198.66 Euros
Beverage Costs577.28 Euros
Music, sound & transport260.00 Euros
Subtotal1,035.94 Euros



Entrance sales + one-time donations3,666.65 Euros
Subtotal3,666.65 Euros

 Fundraising Profit: 2,630.71 Euros

In addition to the amount which was raised at the concert, Jan Bijen raised € 2750 for Davi (at his farewell at the Municipality of Beek) and furthermore, the Lions Club Beek Geulmond also made a donation of € 750.

The main purpose of the Fundraiser, was to generate a larger group of donors who would pay monthly starting with € 2.5. It was wonderful to see how many people (especially young people) were willing to help Davi realize his dream. There are now a total of eighty sponsors who donated close to € 550 combined. Davi has conquered the hearts of the people in Grootgenhout. We continue to also search for more sponsors for Davi & his siblings. In summary, the Foundation AEB raised € 5130,71 in cash for Davi + and € 550 per month to pay for fixed costs such as rent and University. Overall, this was a great result that will bring Davi quite far.


If you like to help Davi ad his family to realize their dreams we still need help to reach the 750 euro goal. You can donate directly through our PayPal account.


Davi’s plans in the coming months

We hope the judge will give Davi time ( at least a year) to build up his life. Davi needs to find a job, enroll in University, find a place to rent close to University and with access to quality schools for his siblings. He will slowly start the adoption process to adopt his siblings. His Brothers and Sister can visit Davi frequently on weekends so they can get used to the new setting and to the new way of life with Davi responsible for his family.
The rent and basic needs such as beds, a refrigerator, a table, chairs, a stove and a washing machine can be covered by donations. Davi will have to sort out how to juggle his University and part-time job to ensure his family are well taken care of. All of his family members will have to work hard to try to make this work. We have a lot of confidence in Davi and his siblings. They are all motivated to make this work.


Guarantees to direct funds where they should go

Mais Caminhos never gives cash money to it’s students. To guarantee the money is well invested, Davi will hand in bills for rent and University which will be administrated by Mais Caminhos. There will also be a monthly visit to the house to make sure everything is ok. Davi will further present his University results. Davi has been advised that if he stops studying or if his family do not take care of the apartment, the funding will stop and the sponsors will be informed.

There will be 2-3 newsletters per year dedicated to Davi and his dreams and there will there be regular pictures and updates on  facebook, facebook of davi, twitter and instagram. Davi is also in charge of posting regular pics and updates.
We would like to thank everyone in the Netherlands for the fantastic year for in support of Davi and all the financial sponsors also.

This story underlines the fact that while you study Portuguese at the Caminhos (former Casa do Caminho) Language Centre you indirectly support unprivileged families to realize their dreams.