14 Mar

It’s not a secret to anyone that Rio de Janeiro is the place for Brazil’s favorite beaches. We could easily choose the 25 best beaches in Rio, but it’s very hard to pick just a few paradise locations in this beautiful state. But we’ve decided to help travelers out there make the best choices, so you can trust these are indeed the best options if you’d like to visit Rio and are in a mood for a sunbath on the white sand beaches of Rio.

The coast of the state of Rio is divided in three m ain areas: the Metropolitan Area (city of Rio de Janeiro and other cities nearby), Costa do Sol (“ Sun Coast” – the north coast) and Costa Verde (“Green Coast” – the south coast). It is possible to visit a lot of beaches in just one weekend in Rio, but if you can stay there for a little while, you won’t be disappointed.

Here are 5 tips of great beaches for those who want to know a little more about these beautiful places in Rio de Janeiro:


1. Lopes Mendes – Ilha Grande

Travelers chose Lopes Mendes as #2 in the 2016 “Best Beaches in Brazil” list on TripAdvisor.

Ilha Grande is an island in the south coast in the state of Rio de Janeiro and has more than 100 beaches around its coast. All of them are very beautiful and have clear blue water and a tropical paradise vibe. To get there, you need to go to Angra dos Reis and take a boat to the island.

While in Ilha Grande, you can only access Lopes Mendes taking one of the many trails in the island. The shortest trail takes around 30 minutes of medium difficulty hike but sure worth the effort.

Lopes Mendes is one of Ilha Grande’s longest beaches and it is also the surfers favorite choice.


2. Ipanema Beach – City of Rio de Janeiro


Ipanema Beach is one of the most famous beaches in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Thousands of people visit it every day and foreigners seem to particularly like it . Many people play soccer, beach volleyball and “futevôlei” (a sport invented in Rio, which mixes soccer and volleyball) at the beach, as well as “frescobol” (another sport originated in Rio, played with wooden rackets and rubber balls).

During the winter, the surf can reach nine feet. Usually the water is a clear light-blue, so beautiful it doesn’t look like people are in the middle of one of the biggest cities in the world.

Ipanema attracts so many tourist from all across the globe that is now the place for many Portuguese language schools is Rio, such as Caminhos Language Centre, which not only teaches Brazilian Portuguese to foreigners but also shows them how to be a true carioca (people of Rio).


3. Praia do Forte – Cabo Frio

Praia do Forte is the main beach in Cabo Frio, so it’s also the most crowded. But of course if you don’t go there during the weekends and holidays, you can enjoy a peaceful beach with clear blue water and calm waves. This is the right choice to enjoy the day with the whole family.


4. Praia do Forno – Arraial do Cabo

To get to Praia do Forno you need to take a boat there or walk through a small mountain (the hike is the perfect choice to take pictures, but if the weather is too hot, it’s better to take the boat instead). This beach is very beautiful and the shallow water makes it the perfect place to relax. Also, you can swim with fish and sea turtles during your visit.


5. Prainha – City of Rio de Janeiro

In your way to Prainha, you’ll find photogenic landscapes and a breathtaking views. In the middle of a big city such Rio de Janeiro, it is still possible to find wild beaches – the rain forrest and the coast mix together so well it fells like you are in a place very far from civilization. If you walk a little bit, you can also find a nude beach very close to Prainha as well.

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