14 Oct

Learning a new language is always a challenge. And if you want to learn it fast, you need to make strong efforts to reach your goal. But it is not impossible. Of course, you will not go from knowing anything to full fluency in just a few weeks. That takes time, effort, experience, and other factors. Nonetheless, it is possible to learn Portuguese in 30 days to be able to communicate with locals, and get around Brazil.

Therefore, if you are planning on taking a 30-day vacation and spending it learning Portuguese in Brazil, we have a few tips on how to optimize your time and learn efficiently.

Immerse Yourself

You need to immerse yourself in the language if you want to succeed to learn Portuguese in 30 days. 

Make friends, hang out, and experience the culture. Sign up for dance and cooking classes, visit not only famous landmarks but also places where locals hang out… You should learn Portuguese while having fun.

Moreover, you need to experience the culture and Brazilian habits the way locals do. You will probably few out of your element in the first days, but it is important to get used to the language, culture, slang, food, transportation, currency, and all the other things as soon as possible. 

Look for a good teacher

Teachers are extremely important in your quest to learn Portuguese in 30 days. They will provide you with an effective methodology based on your individual needs, strengths, and weaknesses. They probably also have a variety of material to share with you that will help you develop your Portuguese skills through different activities.

Use different materials

If you are looking to learn Brazilian Portuguese fast, you should diverse your methods of learning. 

Grammar is great and very important, but you should not focus all of your attention on grammar books and textbooks.

  • Watch Brazilian movies with Portuguese subtitles to get used to the speech pace and slang.
  • Look for videos on YouTube and Instagram for Portuguese tips and quick lessons.
  • Read children’s literature and comic book to start.
  • Listen to Brazilian music.
  • Search for games such as search word and crossword puzzles.
  • Download apps such as Duolingo and Babbel for language learning.
  • Read the local news.
  • Watch Brazilian YouTubers to better understand the daily routine in different parts of Brazil.

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Combo 25 Course

At Caminhos Language Centre, we offer the Combo 25 Course, aimed to maximize your learning experience. Booking this course, you will have 4 hours of Intensive group classes plus one hour of private lessons a day, 5 days a week.

This combo allows you to learn Brazilian Portuguese intensively, studying the heavy core Portuguese during the group classes, and focus on specific aspects of the language and personal interest during your private lessons. Moreover, if you keep the pace and practice outside of the classroom, you will be able to maintain a conversation with locals in no time.

Furthermore, Caminhos offers free after-class activities every day. That pushes you to speak Portuguese outside of the classroom while playing sports, going out on tours, and joining dance classes. 

If your goal is to learn Portuguese in 30 days, the Caminhos Combo 25 course is a great way to start.

Learn Portuguese in 30 Days

Whilst it is doable to gain a good grasp of a new language in just one month, you must focus on finding the right resources to do so. Don’t be discouraged! You can do it!

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