The incredible results of Davi and his family »

Catching up with Davi we learned that 2015 was a great year for him and his sibilings. Everyone is doing great at school and the atmosphere at home is really good.

31 Dec

Mais Caminhos News 5 »

2015 was a great year for Mais Caminhos.

02 Dec

Teaching Students That Do Not Exist »

Imagine you are a kid living in Rio's favelas. You don't have the same access to basic need, such as transportation and education, than other people living in most privileged neighborhoods.

31 Aug

When simply observing becomes impossible. »

Dante Larini volunteered at Mais Caminhos as a photographer but couldn't just look at the kids and take pictures, he felt the need to participate and socialize with them.

05 Aug

Davi, a source of inspiration for pre-adolescents at the Holanda public school in Rio »

Escola Municipal Holanda had a day of celebration planned having Holland as the main theme.

14 Jul

Davi has custody over siblings »

After a hard process and long waits, Davi has now full custody of his three younger siblings.

27 Jun

“Festa Junina” at Caminhos Language Centre: fun and cultural learning »

During the months of June/July, it's a tradition in Brazil to have parties to celebrate the country life, known as Festa Junina.

12 Jun

“Please don’t take the children home as there is shooting going on…” »

Mais Caminhos' kids comes from families who don't have enough money to live in a safe place in Rio, that's why they live in the favelas.

04 Jun

Mais Caminhos Brave Kids 14 more days before departure to Poland »

Kids of Mais Caminhos will participate on a cultural exchange program called Brave Kids, which aims to support vulnerable young people through artistic activities.