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So you have decided that you want to learn Brazilian Portuguese. But now you are unsure about what Portuguese course for foreigners in Brazil is the best fit for you. After all, there are so many options to choose from!

Worry no more, we are here to help you! Let’s figure out among the many different types of Portuguese courses we offer at Caminhos Language Centre the one that better fits your personality and style of learning.

Intensive Portuguese Group Course

The Caminhos Intensive Portuguese Group Course is the most popular choice for students who join us at Caminhos. This course is a fun and interactive way to learn Portuguese in a relaxed group environment — in Ipanema!

First of all, you will participate in 20 hours of intensive Portuguese classes per week. You can expect each day to be filled with a variety of activities. These activities include reading, writing, listening, and grammar tasks. For each of them, you will be stimulated and encouraged to practice your Portuguese. Our teachers will focus on speaking, using a series of activities such as role-playing, debates, analysis of movies and video clip excerpts, and other interactive methods.

This is a great opportunity to meet other travelers and make friends from all across the globe. Therefore, if your goal is to learn Portuguese while meeting people, practicing your speaking skills, and socializing, the Intensive Portuguese Group Course is the perfect option for you.

One-on-One Private Classes

Some people might struggle with the pace in the intensive group course. Tailor-made classes might be ideal to help you learn Portuguese more efficiently then. Your teacher will design your classes based on your interests, hobbies, and goals. They will make sure to focus on your weakness so you improve the things you need more attention on. They will also help you to reveal your strengths.

One-on-one private Portuguese classes enable you to learn at your own pace and focus on your interests. These classes involve just you and your teacher and you can choose the focus, date, time, and length of classes. You can also cover specific topics that you may want to learn. For example, a particular vocabulary to use for your job, education, romance, and more. Moreover, you can ask your teacher to concentrate on formal or ‘street smart’ Portuguese, as you prefer.

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Celpe-Bras Preparation

This is a private class focused on preparing you to take the Celpe-Bras exam.

The Celpe-Bras exam is organized by the Ministry of Education and is the only official proficiency certificate in Portuguese as a foreign language recognized by the Brazilian government. The Celpe-Bras exam is made up of four parts – writing, reading, listening, and speaking. Businesses and educational institutions worldwide use Celpe-Bras as formal certification of a person’s level in the Portuguese language. It is also mandatory for international students who want to enroll in a Brazilian university. 

Our teacher coordinator will create a personalized study plan according to your timeframe in order to prepare you for the exam. So, if you are planning on taking the Celpe-Bras exam in the future, our Celpe-Bras Preparation course is the best option for you.

Flight Attendant Course

Are you a flight attendant looking to improve your Portuguese to get regular flights to Brazil? At Caminhos, we have specific material and books that are focused on ensuring that flight attendants learn the essentials they need to carry out their jobs.

Much of the topics we cover focuses on the final test you are required to pass so you can select Rio de Janeiro as your destination. The material we use during these classes covers the following topics: introductions, safety, food and drinks, onboard entertainment, traveling with children, announcements, and emergencies, and landing procedures.

Our experienced teachers will make sure you learn the essentials to be able to communicate in Portuguese and fly to Rio de Janeiro regularly.

Curso de portugués para extranjeros en Brasil

Combo 25 Course

If you think the Intensive Portuguese Group Course is the right choice for you but still have some spare time to boost your studies, then the perfect Portuguese course for foreigners in Brazil for you is definitely the Combo 25 Course.

The Combo 25 Course combines 20 hours of group classes with 5 individual private lessons a week. During your private classes, you can choose the subjects you would like to work on and the teacher will concentrate on this. You can focus on specific aspects of the language such as grammar or conversation. Therefore, this course allows you to learn Brazilian Portuguese intensively. 

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Caminhos Talk

Caminhos Talk is a language course entirely focused on improving your conversational skills. Our teacher will use a variety of methods to stimulate conversation, including topical debates, music clips, and games. 

Our conversation classes are fun, dynamic, and presented in an informal setting, which encourages student interaction.

If you already know some Portuguese and want to keep practicing so you don’t lose the hang of it, or if you want to explore your speaking skills in Portuguese, Caminhos Talk is right for you.

Rio Immersion

Rio Immersion is ideal for students who do not want to be sitting in a traditional classroom. Therefore, if you rather be active while learning the language fast, this Portuguese Course for Foreigners in Brazil is the right choice for you.

However you plan your day, your teacher will ensure you are fully immersed in the Brazilian language, conversation, and culture. You will engage with locals and learn how to manage everyday situations while checking some famous tourist sites. You can choose to have classes at the Christ The Redeemer statue, the Sugarloaf mountain, the Tijuca National Rainforest, or the Copacabana Palace hotel.

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In-Company Classes

Caminhos Language Centre offers In-Company Portuguese Classes for foreign employees who are based in Rio de Janeiro. We work with a variety of corporations from small businesses to multinational companies, embassies, and NGOs. Our teachers help their expatriate staff integrate into a new country by learning Portuguese and Brazilian culture. 

Caminhos understands that each company has its own demands. Therefore, we can organize group or private classes with total flexibility. We are also able to tailor classes around busy work schedules.

Our In-Company Portuguese classes are based around corporate Portuguese and terminology you would use in a more professional environment. You will learn the vocabulary and other language components specific to a more formal professional setting so that you can master the Portuguese needed for work situations.

Survival Portuguese Course

If you are only in Rio de Janeiro for a short time and need a quick crash course in Portuguese, then the Caminhos Survival Rio Course is the choice for you!

After this 4-hour course, students are able to carry out a series of basic tasks in Portuguese, such as greeting others, introducing themselves, asking for information or directions, ordering items in restaurants and shops, and navigating basic food items in the supermarket. This crash course focuses solely on communicating in basic Portuguese, with the means to facilitate your stay in Rio de Janeiro.

Portuguese Course for Foreigners in Brazil

Online Classes

If coming to Brazil is not part of your plans for now, but you still want to learn Portuguese, online classes are surely the best option for you.

Our qualified Brazilian teachers can guide you through a virtual classroom setting. You will have access to different material and learning tools, such as whiteboard, quality videos, file sharing, and audio.

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Portuguese & Samba Course

This unique learning experience offers you the cultural combination of learning Portuguese along with the traditional Brazilian dance… Samba!

For this course, we combine the Intensive Portuguese Group Course with 4.5 hours of Samba classes a week. The Samba teacher will conduct the dance class in Portuguese so you continue practicing the language. The Portuguese & Samba option is ideal for those wanting to learn Portuguese whilst moving their hips!

Portuguese & Surf Course

Make the most of your stay in Rio de Janeiro and study Portuguese with Caminhos whilst learning how to surf! We will take you to Arpoador, one of the best surf spots in Brazil to teach you how to surf or improve your surfing skills.

The surf instructor will encourage students to speak Portuguese whilst they catch waves. This will give you the chance to practice the language in a completely different environment. For this course, we combine the Intensive Portuguese Group Course with 4.5 hours of surf lessons a week.

Portuguese & Capoeira Course

Study Portuguese with Caminhos whilst learning about and mastering the ancient techniques of Capoeira – an Afro-Brazilian martial art.

Your Capoeira instruction will conduct the classes in Portuguese so practice what you have learned during classes in a different setting. The Portuguese & Capoeira option is ideal for those wanting to learn Portuguese whilst mastering the art of Capoeira!

Study Portuguese at Caminhos Language Centre

We believe after these descriptions of our Portuguese courses, you were able to decide which Portuguese course for foreigners in Brazil is the best option for you. Therefore, the next step is checking our prices and booking your classes. If you need further information, do not hesitate to contact us: info@caminhosbrasil.com.

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See you in Rio de Janeiro soon!

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